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Five Questions to Ask Your Doctor About Antibiotics (large posters, for children)

Campaign Series: Choosing Wisely Medical Category: Drugs Article Type: Cards and Posters Language: Plain English, Spanish Format: PDF Most recent update: 02/26/2014 Use these five questions to talk to your doctor about when you need antibiotics -- and when you don’t. Antibiotics can help prevent or treat some infections. But if you use them for the wrong reason, they may cause…

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Hazards in vitamins and supplements

In a new report in its September issue and online at, Consumer Reports identifies ten hazards that might surprise the large swath of American adults-more than 50 percent-who take vitamins, herbs, or other nutritional supplements. “Patients sometimes assume that supplements are safe because they are ‘all natural,’ but not all supplements are truly natural. In fact, one of the greatest safety…

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How to do more, for less

Despite decades of medical advances, there’s a huge disconnect between what medical science knows how to do, and what America’s overly complex health care system actually delivers, according to a new report commissioned by the Institute of Medicine. The way we teach, deploy and reward doctors just isn’t keeping up with new knowledge, the authors say.…

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Our new video: Talking points

Want to quiz your doctor about that test, diagnosis or treatment? How can you squeeze your questions into an already rushed appointment? We know it’s not easy. So here’s our newest Choosing Wisely video, Talking With Your Doctor, with tips from doctors themselves on how to get the answers you need. The video features our popular poster, five questions…

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