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Hazards in vitamins and supplements

In a new report in its September issue and online at,
Consumer Reports identifies ten hazards that might surprise the large swath of
American adults-more than 50 percent-who take vitamins, herbs, or other nutritional

“Patients sometimes assume that supplements are safe because they are ‘all natural,’
but not all supplements are truly natural. In fact, one of the greatest safety hazards to
consumers involves supplements that have been spiked with prescription drugs or toxic
metals,” said Jose Luis Mosquera, M.D., medical adviser, Consumer Reports, and an
internist who specializes in integrative health and medicine.

Consumer Reports identified ten hazards distilled from interviews with experts, published
research, and its own analysis of reports of serious adverse events submitted to the Food
and Drug Administration (FDA), obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request.

Check out some of the hazards discussed in the report, plus advice for staying safe here.