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Choosing Wisely, in real life

When does health information change behavior? When a consumer knows more about the effectiveness, safety or cost of a medical test or treatment, do they act differently the next time they’re sick? It’s an important question underlying all our campaigns. That’s why this story is so encouraging. Tierney Anderson, who blogs for The Alliance, a group of Wisconsin employers trying…

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Choosing Wisely campaign grows again

The Choosing Wisely campaign begins its third phase today, with three new lists of  “things physicians and patients should question.” The new lists were assembled by AMDA, the American College of Surgeons, and the ACS’s Commission on Cancer. More than 30 medical specialty groups will contribute their lists to this wave of the campaign, over the next several months. Choosing Wisely is part of…

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Choosing Wisely for Women

If you’ve been following us on Twitter this week, you will have picked up on a trend: Many of the Choosing Wisely topics address things that women commonly experience in the health care system: overused Pap tests and ovarian ultrasound exams, for instance. Of particular concern among procedures is the needlessly high rate of early childbirth. We’ve asked Dr. Jose Luis Mosquera, a…

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Choosing Wisely is nearly 2. What have we done?

Consumer Reports, the world’s largest independent product-testing organization, is proud to be leading the consumer communication efforts of the Choosing Wisely campaign. That campaign kicked off in April, 2012, and continues to grow in influence. To amplify key campaign messages, Consumer Reports has collaborated with almost 100 Choosing Wisely partners, grantees, and medical specialty societies to…

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Choosing Wisely goes north to multiply

Two years after the launch of the groundbreaking Choosing Wisely campaign, its influence has formally gone international. The Canadian Medical Association and nine of the country’s physician specialty societies have launched Choosing Wisely Canada, with the unveiling of those societies’ own lists of five tests, treatments or procedures for which there is strong evidence of overuse, waste,…

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Choosing Wisely near the end of life

Serious illness, especially in an older person, demands tough choices from patients, their families and their health-care providers. What’s more, it’s often difficult for people to find solid information and advice about those choices and their implications. Thankfully, increased attention to end-of-life care is generating new resources to help patients and their caregivers make better-informed decisions. Here…

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