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Anavar Steroid: Complete Overview Of Dosages, Cycles & Results!

Summary of Anavar Steroid

What is Anavar?

Anavar, also known as Oxandrolone, is a popular steroid among athletes and celebrities. It’s known for being safe and legal, and doctors have used it for years to help patients with muscle loss diseases.

Why Do People Use Anavar? 

People use Anavar because it helps build muscle and burn fat at the same time. It’s great for bodybuilders who want to look lean and strong. It’s also used by stars and athletes to stay in top shape.

Benefits of Anavar:

  • Muscle Growth: Anavar helps you grow muscles while losing fat.
  • Strength: It makes you stronger, giving you an advantage in the gym.
  • Recovery and Endurance: It helps you recover faster from workouts and improves your stamina and speed.

Is Anavar Safe? 

Yes, Anavar is one of the safest steroids available. It’s effective and has been used safely for many years.

How to Use Anavar: 

The article suggests consulting sports medicine experts and top athletes for advice on how to take Anavar and what doses are right for men and women.

Research and References: 

The article mentions that all facts come with references to research from reputable sources like the National Institutes of Health and others.

Remember, it’s important to do your own research and consult a healthcare professional before using any steroid, including Anavar. This summary is for informational purposes only and not a substitute for professional advice.

Anavar: A Gentle Steroid

Anavar is a gentle steroid that usually doesn’t cause side effects if taken in the right amount. But taking too much can be harmful, just like with any medicine.

Muscle Growth

Anavar is known for helping to build strong muscles and a lean look, especially during weight loss phases. Bodybuilders and athletes often use it to get better muscle definition and veins that stand out.

To get the best results from Anavar, it’s important to exercise the right way. Our guide has more details on this.

Safe for Women

Anavar is also safe for women because it doesn’t cause strong male features, unlike many other steroids. That’s why it’s sometimes called the “woman’s steroid.”

Gentle on the Liver

Compared to other steroids, Anavar is less harmful to the liver. This is because it’s not very strong, which makes it a safer choice for bodybuilding.

No Swelling or Breast Growth in Men

One of the best things about Anavar is that it doesn’t cause men to develop breasts or retain water, which are common problems with other steroids.

Low Male Hormone Effects

Anavar has low male hormone effects, which is good for people who want to avoid these kinds of side effects. It helps improve performance without too many downsides.

Anavar is legal but controlled because it’s very effective at improving performance, so the FDA doesn’t allow it. However, doctors in countries like the USA, UK, and Australia can prescribe it for certain health conditions.

Research shows that Anavar is helpful, especially for recovery after being sick. It can be hard to find in some pharmacies, but many countries allow you to buy it without a prescription.

In places where you can’t buy Anavar locally, it’s usually still legal to have it for personal use. So, you can buy it from foreign companies without legal problems.

Buying Anavar online is a good way to get the real thing without extra costs. For more proof of Anavar’s legal status and medical use, check out references from trusted sources at the end of the article.

Anavar Results 

Anavar is popular among bodybuilders for its remarkable effects. With a balanced diet and regular exercise, people can see major changes in their bodies in just 6 to 8 weeks.

Results for Men:

  • In 4 weeks: Men notice more strength, muscle growth, and fat loss.
  • In 8 weeks: Muscles are well-defined, energy is up, and improvements continue.
  • After 12 weeks: Men achieve a well-toned body with noticeable fat reduction and muscle gain.

Results for Women:

  • In 4 weeks: Women see slight muscle increase and fat reduction.
  • In 8 weeks: There’s more muscle shape, strength, and energy.
  • After 12 weeks: Women get a fit and toned appearance without looking overly muscular.

Some athletes mix Anavar with other steroids to enhance its effects.

Before and After Anavar:

Expectations What you can expect from Anavar varies per person. To gain muscle and definition, it’s crucial to stick to a good diet and workout plan. Consistency can lead to positive changes within 4 to 8 weeks, making you look healthier and more confident.

Is Anavar Safe? 

Anavar is one of the least harmful steroids if used correctly. Avoiding overdose and not mixing it with other drugs is key to staying safe. Even too much Vitamin C or Viagra can be dangerous.

Start with a small dose of Anavar and adjust as needed, watching for any side effects.

Everyone’s body reacts differently due to hormone and testosterone levels, so it’s important to find the right dose for you. Side effects are rare, but we can guide you on how to handle them if they occur.

Dosage for Men and Women

Using Anavar correctly (in cycles) is essential for the best results and avoiding side effects. The right dosage is crucial. We’ll discuss the recommended doses for both men and women next.


  • Start with 30-50mg of Anavar daily to help build muscle and strength.
  • If you’re experienced, you can increase the dose to 60-80mg, but watch your body’s reaction and drink plenty of fluids.


  • Begin with 5-10mg of Anavar each day to grow muscles and get a fit body.
  • Experienced athletes can take 15-20mg for better results. Start low to see how your body reacts.

Anavar Cycles:

  • These cycles use only Anavar (Oxandrolone) and are good for both new and experienced users.

For Men (Cutting):

  • New users should take 20-30mg daily for 8-10 weeks to reduce fat and keep muscle. Eat more protein, less carbs, and make sure you’re eating fewer calories than you burn.

For Women (Cutting):

  • Start with 5-10mg daily for 6-8 weeks. This helps lose fat and keep muscle toned. Eat well, do cardio, and lift weights to see better results.

For Men (Bulking):

  • To gain muscle, take 40-60mg daily for 8-10 weeks. Eat foods high in protein and carbs, and make sure you’re eating more calories than you burn.

For Women (Bulking):

  • 15-20mg daily for 6-8 weeks can help build muscle. Eat nutritious food and do strength exercises to bulk up.

Mixing Anavar with Other Steroids:

  • Combining Anavar with other steroids can give better results or add qualities Anavar alone doesn’t provide.

Anavar and Testosterone Cycle:

  • Mixing Anavar with Testosterone can build muscle and burn fat. Testosterone is the main steroid, and Anavar helps protect muscles and balance hormones to minimize side effects. This mix is good for those looking to gain quality muscle.

For a detailed list of Anavar cycles and stacks, you can check out additional resources that discuss what professionals prefer. Remember, always consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new supplement or exercise program.

Anavar and Clenbuterol Cycle

Whilst paired with Anavar, Clenbuterol, seemed for fat-burning houses, creates an effective reducing cycle, helping fats loss and shielding the muscles tissues. Right here, the Anavar can be run among 20-30 mg every day to assist the muscular tissues at the identical time as in a deficit, and the Clen is probably run in 2 weekly cycles to aid inside the weight loss and heightened endurance output. This is mainly followed via athletes who wish to stage up their inner interests. 

Anavar and Winstrol Cycle

The Anavar and Winstrol cycle targets for a described body, with Winstrol boosting Anavar’s fat loss results and muscle definition. Individualized dosage adjustment and a cycle length of about 8-10 weeks is usually advocated. This is specifically for customers who prefer to benefit that shredded body and lose their undesirable “love handles”.

Primobolan and Anavar Cycle

The Primobolan-Anavar mixture offers moderate but big income in muscle tissues and energy, bringing top notch results. Dosages need to be adjusted primarily based on preceding steroid use and dreams, and the cycle typically lasts from 8-10 weeks. This will be accompanied by woman users, or person men who choose to benefit lean muscle mass over longer periods with a lesser threat of androgenic aspects.

Craving greater records? Tap into this comprehensive useful resource of Anavar cycle and stack statistics. This is a truly particular compilation of insights collected from IFBB members, professional athletes, private running shoes and health workers!  

Similarly to unique cycle logs and dosages, they provide schooling advice for one of a kind styles of your cycle desires and your experience. Plus you’ll get notable time to consume Anavar, advice on training and relaxation, no longer-ordinary mistakes and advice on a way to save you.

Do I want to publish Cycle therapy after Anavar Cycle?

Steroid cycles exchange your body hormones tiers. Post Cycle treatment is commonly an important part of any steroid cycle, which includes Anavar, because it enables your body to recover its herbal hormone ranges post-steroid use.

Anavar PCT for men

Guys who use Anavar might in all likelihood discover their natural testosterone tiers suppressed in the direction of the surrender of the cycle if heavy doses and extended durations are observed. Consequently, introducing a PCT regime may be critical for a few customers. This PCT permits to restore the herbal testosterone tiers and prevent potential problem consequences collectively with low sex strain or temper swings.Common substances applied in Anavar male PCT protocols encompass Clomid and Nolvadex.

Each of these drug treatments will paint to efficiently restore herbal hormonal function and are taken for PCT in comparable techniques.

How to take Clomid for PCT after Anavar:

The simplest way to take Clomid for Anavar PCT is through using starting with 50mg each day for 2 weeks, then halving the dose for the last week. For instance:

  • Weeks 1-2 – Clomid @ 50mg in step with day
  • Week 3 – Clomid @ 25mg regular with day

The way to take Nolvadex for PCT after Anavar:

To take Nolvadex for Anavar PCT, begin with 40mg every day for 2 weeks, then halve the dose for the last week. As an example:

  • Weeks 1-2 – Nolvadex @ 40mg in line with day
  • Week 3 – Nolvadex @ 20mg consistent with day

Usually do not forget, the PCT stage has to no longer be skipped or left out if heavy doses are used, or lengthy cycles are run – it’s far in fact as important due to the fact the steroid cycle in this example.

Anavar PCT for girls

For women, Anavar’s mild nature makes it one of the most female-exceptional steroids. Consequently, PCT might not continuously be crucial.

In most instances, letting the body repair its stability definitely whilst transitioning off cycle is probably the best course.

Because of the fact that in the ordinary lady anatomy month-to-month cycles rise up, this allows the body to reregulate without the want for a PCT but handiest on the idea no heavy doses or lengthy length cycles are run.

However, inside the extraordinarily uncommon case that a woman’s hormones have been suppressed from an Anavar cycle, taking very low doses of Nolvadex for four weeks will assist to restore hormonal function. As an instance:

  • Week 1 – Nolvadex @ 20mg constant with day
  • Week 2-three – Nolvadex @ 10mg consistent with day
  • Week 4 – Nolvadex @ 5mg in step with day

It may not do you any damage to be extra careful alongside your hormones, so in case you’re ever unsure whether or not you need PCT, it’s continuously fantastic to perform it anyway.

Real Anavar prices And Oxandrolone producers assessment: 

Stepping into the Anavar marketplace may be quite overwhelming because of the huge spectrum of manufacturers and associated fee tags. To help navigate round this, we’ve been given in comparison the first-class and maximum well-known manufacturers to provide you a clearer idea of what to anticipate.

Oxanabol thru manner of Alpha Pharma: 

Alpha Pharma Healthcare, a top anabolic steroid logo thinking about 2008, sticks out due to its sterling recognition and outstanding product high-quality.

One of their top-rated products is Oxanabol, stated to be one of the wonderful Anavar manufacturers inside the market these days. This expertly crafted steroid is understood for handing over surprising effects without harsh aspect outcomes. Alpha Pharma’s Anavar is to be had in a % of 50 capsules, dosed at 10mg each, for spherical $a hundred and 5-110.

Right here’s a few quick information approximately Alpha Pharma: 

They rank most of the maximum crucial producers of anabolic steroids (they produce quite an awful lot some factor you could need for a steroid cycle)

They boast an high-quality product purity of 99.93% (human beings record they enjoy the excessive excellent of the products at some stage in use)

Oxa-Max by the use of Maxtreme: 

Maxtreme has been carving out its area of hobby within the market, amassing quite a fanbase because of its ordinary common ordinary performance, dependable great and coffee prices.

Oxa-Max has received a choice out among clients for its lean muscle income and fat-slicing prowess – all without the dreaded issue consequences of other steroids. The tons less highly-priced charge of Oxa-Max is normally around $80 5 for a percentage of 100 drugs, dosed at 10mg each.

Brief records about Maxtreme and Oxa-Max consist of:

The emblem is slowly growing its presence inside the anabolic steroids region (human beings love their aggressive costs)

The delivery of remarkable, dependable merchandise is a key precedence for Maxtreme (you cannot get any dangerous or vain tools from those guys)

Oxandro by using using Magnum pharmaceuticals

An exceptional contender within the Anavar market, Oxandro via the usage of Magnum, is earning massive attention because of its efficacy and top elegance. This pinnacle-tier Anavar is  gaining a committed following among health fanatics and bodybuilders.

A %. Oxandro, containing 50 drugs with every tablet carrying 10mg of the compound, is nicely priced at around $70-$seventy- five. Proper here are a few noteworthy factors approximately Magnum prescribed drugs and Oxandro:

Magnum prescription drugs is developing a robust effect inside the anabolic steroids agency (they may be fast becoming a top rate emblem)

The business enterprise prioritizes exceptional and reliable products to clients (their oils are a number of the smoothest inside the commercial enterprise)

Anavario with the beneficial resource of Phoenix remedies

A few other Anavar that are gaining more and more interest within the marketplace is Anavario by means of the manner of the usage of Phoenix treatments. With a strong emphasis on awesome and normal performance, Phoenix remedies has managed to create a powerful, dependable preference for the ones looking to enhance their health ranges.

Anavario is nicely-acquired with the aid of using customers for its capability to promote lean muscle development and boost up fats loss whilst minimizing unwanted facet outcomes. A % of Anavario, which incorporates 50 drugs with 10mg of the compound in every tablet, will high-quality set you a decreased spherical $60-$sixty five.

Key highlights of Phoenix remedies and Anavario embody:

The logo’s name is developing prominence inside the anabolic steroids marketplace (you without a doubt cannot beat the ones prices)

Phoenix remedies is dedicated to providing fantastic, reliable products to health fanatics (they’ll be a “no-frills, clearly profits” form of emblem)

Real Anavar vs fake “jail options”

You can come upon mentions of “crook options’ ‘, claiming comparable blessings as proper Anavar available on the market. Allow’s be honest, they will be no longer something in comparison to the real difficulty. In case you type any of these “alternatives” on Reddit or Trustpilot you’ll see the real price of such dietary nutritional supplements.

You could find professional athletes or celebrities raving about those Anavar impersonators really because they do not deliver tangible results. The selection leans intently inside the path of actual steroids, and the motive is simple – they paintings. No person enjoys allotting cash for vain merchandise.

Sense loose to check with the ones “felony alternatives,” but recollect bookmarking this text for destiny reference. While you discover yourself once more trying to find ‘actual Anavar’ after making a funding time and money with little returns, you could have this guide handy.

Anavar evaluations

Right here are examples of real people feedback taken from special bodybuilding communities.

John, forty six: “I have tried numerous producers of Anavar, but the Alpha Oxanabol I had been given from Americaroids amazed me with the results. My muscle income was very notable early on and I did not have any facet outcomes even without the desired pct. A recreation changer in reality!! Before this, I experimented with a few alternatives from nearby dietary supplements save and then on-line sellers…. However the promised effects… well any outcomes have been simply now not there.”

Samantha, 28: “As a lady athlete Oxandro 10 became a top notch wholesome for me. The desired growth in electricity and staying strength had been more unique! I had tried distinctive orals for my game but not anything worked half of as top as the Oxandro 10mgs. Would highly recommend”

Mike, 35: “Anavar has really brought today’s trouble to my sports. I’m experiencing specific muscle growth and an ordinary improvement in strength and education time. Consider me, I have tried precise “prison supps”’ in advance, but they have been a waste of time and money! In case you want nice consequences with low facets, live with Anavar.”

The way to avoid Getting Scammed even as Ordering Anavar on-line

For the ones careful about falling prey to scams, a dependable and dependent provider like AmericaRoids is an excellent desire. Here’s why:

  • They offer 24/7 customer service
  • Their expert organization offer in my opinion based absolutely cycle suggestions
  • They acquire comfy credit Card payments
  • Their shipping method is unassuming and trackable to your door
  • They assure a hundred% order protection till the product is added and confirmed via the patron
  • They have got the maximum competitive costs for the top principal producers

However, in case you choose to do your very personal due diligence and discover a reliable Anavar dealer and now not being scammed, keep in mind locating out a manual available through our manual:

Anavar facet consequences

Like several medicinal pills, Anavar includes some potential for side effects, no matter the truth that the threat is lots less than with different steroids. Those are typically minor problems like oily pores and pores and skin and hair, acne, and adjustments in libido.

However intense misuse of the drug has been diagnosed to cause more extreme headaches which includes liver ailment, modifications in mood (which embody tension and despair), swelling of the fingers or legs, and uncommon fatigue. Take a look at one of the most useful Anavar facet effects courses we’ve ever met – link at our references segment.

Anavar FAQs

How long Does it Take for Anavar to paint?

Anavar normally begins off evolving showing massive consequences within the first  weeks of a cycle.

Are Anavar’s profits permanent?

Anavar earnings are sustainable with the right weight loss program and training, however they’ll now not be a hundred% eternal. To maintain your profits for so long as possible after an Anavar cycle, make certain your food plan and education stays consistent.

Those suggestions will assist you to get more records approximately Anavar intake.

How frequently must I Take Anavar every week?

Anavar needs to be taken each day for notable effects.

How many mg of Anavar do I need to Take a day?

This could depend on your age, gender, cause, body weight, tolerance, and enjoyment with anabolic steroids. The overall advocated daily dosage for guys is 40-60 mg for muscle advantage, and 20-30mg for reducing. The maximum encouraged every day dosage for ladies is 5-10mg for reducing and 15-20mg for bulking.

Need to take Anavar on an Empty belly or After a Meal?

Taking Anavar after a meal can help lessen belly soreness or nausea.

Should I Take Anavar in the Morning or at night time?

The everyday dosage of Anavar need to be divided in 1/2 of of and taken 8 hours aside (half of within the morning and half of of inside the night time time)

Am I able to Drink Alcohol with Anavar?

It is not advised to drink alcohol at the same time as the usage of Anavar, as every substance can place stress on the liver.

What to avoid even as Taking Anavar?

You want to avoid taking Anavar when you have pre-gift liver situations, excessive calcium stages to your blood, prostate or breast maximum cancers, or excessive kidney illness.

It is also now not advocated for anybody who’s pregnant.

Which Steroid is higher?

Anavar vs Dianabol: Anavar is better than Dbol in terms of burning fat, however Dianabol is a lot more beneficial for muscle increase.

Anavar vs Trenbolone: Anavar may be in comparison to Trenbolone in its effects but on a milder scale. Trenbolone is an exquisite muscle-builder and fat-burner with extra harmful component effects.

Anavar vs Clenbuterol: Clenbuterol is more powerful for fat-burning, however Anavar can be used with Clen to prevent muscle loss.

Anavar vs Turinabol: each are mild steroids with anti-catabolic outcomes. Turinabol is thought to have barely more powerful consequences than Anavar.