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From Consumer Reports and the Choosing Wisely campaign

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Tip sheets from Consumer Reports

    Asking Questions About Imaging Tests

    You should question some uses of imaging tests, because sometimes they're not needed.
  • English: Asking Questions About Imaging Tests
  • Asking Questions About Medical Tests

    What sorts of questions should you ask when your doctor orders a test?
  • English: Asking Questions About Medical Tests
  • Building Healthy Habits

    There are always things you can change in your day-to-day life that can help alleviate your ailments.
  • English: Building Healthy Habits
  • Communicating With Your Doctor

    Here are some pointers for improved doctor-patient communication.
  • English: Communicating With Your Doctor
  • Coping With Serious Illness

    For people with serious long-term illnesses, navigating the health-care system can be daunting.
  • English: Coping With Serious Illness
  • Doctor-Patient Relationships

    One big step toward improving the doctor-patient relationship: understanding where your doctor’s coming from.
  • English: Doctor-Patient Relationships
  • Preventive Care

    Make sure you’re up-to-date on the preventive services you need.
  • English: Preventive Care
  • Ten Ways to Reduce Your Drug Costs

    The first step in reducing your drug costs is to enlist your doctor in the effort.
  • English: Ten Ways to Reduce Your Drug Costs

Tests and Treatments


From the Choosing Wisely campaign

From the High Value Care campaign

Drugs and Supplements

Consumer Reports Best Buy Drugs — Combining effectiveness, safety and  pricing information.

Money Saving Guides — Navigating the world of drugs

Special Reports — From Consumer Reports magazine

Doctors and Hospitals

Consumer Health Choices videos

Our video collection reinforces the messages from Choosing Wisely, High Value Care and Best Buy Drugs. You can watch them here, share them, or view the entire collection.