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Choosing Wisely, in real life

When does health information change behavior? When a consumer knows more about the effectiveness, safety or cost of a medical test or treatment, do they act differently the next time they’re sick? It’s an important question underlying all our campaigns.

That’s why this story is so encouraging.

Tierney Anderson, who blogs for The Alliance, a group of Wisconsin employers trying to improve healthcare costs and quality, knows a lot about the Choosing Wisely campaign through her work.

But it took a severe migraine to apply Choosing Wisely to her personal life.

Those nasty headaches seemed to happen so often that naturally I began assuming the worst: brain tumor, brain aneurysm or blood clot.

But before she called her doctor’s office, she did some research online. And that’s when she remembered to check whether Choosing Wisely had anything to say about her health issues.

We like what happened next.