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How to keep antibiotics around a little longer

Antibiotics matter. But the way that patients, doctors and the meat industry use them, they are at risk of being rendered useless.

That’s why Consumer Reports has launched an in-depth, publicly available hub on antibiotics, on this site. We urge you to share these materials with your friends and family and think about them the next time you’re talking with a doctor:

  • A new “round-up” of Choosing Wisely antibiotics-related materials, including an overview of antibiotic overuse, brief sections on the Choosing Wisely antibiotic-related topics, and advice from Consumer Reports about reducing overuse.
  • A new Choosing Wisely antibiotics poster called “5 Questions to Ask Your Doctor Before You Take Antibiotics” and a Best Buy Drugs poster called “5 Questions to Ask Your Doctor Before Starting a New Drug.”
  • Articles from Consumer Reports and Wikipedia on antibiotic use and misuse.
  • A new 30-second animated public service announcement about antibiotic overuse, as well as two other videos we created about antibiotic overuse.
  • Links to the CDC’s Vital Signs fact sheet and MMWR (Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report) — also just in cooperation with Consumer Reports and the ABIM Foundation — on reducing antibiotic overuse among hospitalized patients.

Thanks for all you can do to share these materials. We’re all in this together.