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Union Plus

Welcome to the Union Plus collaboration with Consumer Reports

Union Plus is brought to you by Union Privilege, established by the AFL-CIO in 1986 to deliver Union Plus consumer benefit programs uniquely designed for working families. Union Plus uses the collective buying power of more than 13 million union members to offer over 40 discounts and services to working families.

Union Plus is collaborating with Consumer Reports to bring union members, retirees and their families important health-care information from the Choosing Wisely and High Value Care campaigns.

Informed patients make smarter choices. Patients can be safer, save money, avoid hassles and get better sooner if they know how and where to shop for their medical care. With the information on these pages in hand, millions of Americans can make smarter decisions for themselves and their families.

Click on the tabs at left for information to share and use:

Choosing Wisely – These reports encourage conversations between physicians and patients about the overuse or misuse of tests and procedures that offer little benefit and may sometimes lead to harm.

High Value Care – These brochures help patients understand the benefits, harms and costs of common tests and treatments.

Money Saving Guides – These guides help navigate the world of drugs, to take make effective, safe, money-saving choices.

Videos – Links to Consumer Health Choices videos.

About – More about Consumer Reports and Consumer Health Choices.

Union Plus helps distribute information on Consumer Reports Best Buy Drugs.

As a provider of health discount programs, Union Plus also offers a discounted subscription to exclusively for union members, retirees and their families.

(Consumer Reports has no relationship with and does not endorse any other Union Plus health discount programs.)