The Connecticut Choosing Wisely Collaborative Campaign



Connecticut Choosing Wisely Collaborative (CCWC) is a diverse multi-stakeholder group that is committed to the widespread adoption of Choosing Wisely in Connecticut.

The Choosing Wisely campaign is a national initiative sponsored by the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) Foundation and Consumer Reports. Choosing Wisely promotes informed patient-provider communication to improve health care practice and prevent unnecessary care and costs.  It fosters understanding and conversation between clinicians and patients to help them choose care that is:

  • Truly needed
  • Free from harm
  • Based on recommended guidelines
  • Not duplicative of other tests or procedures already received

CCWC aims to support and connect organizations developing or already involved in Choosing Wisely in Connecticut.  The Collaborative promotes the development of a CW learning community in Connecticut.  It acts as a clearinghouse so that Connecticut-based programs can find and share resources and learn from and contribute to best practices at the local and national level.

Founding Member Organizations

Access Health CT

Connecticut Business Group on Health

Connecticut Center for Primary Care

Connecticut Health Foundation

Donaghue Foundation

Office of the HealthCare Advocate


Universal Health Care Foundation of Connecticut

For information about this campaign, contact [email protected]

About us

Purpose of the Connecticut Choosing Wisely Collaborative

  • Promote widespread adoption of Choosing Wisely in Connecticut as a vehicle for improvement in health care practice and culture
  • Bring together multiple & diverse stakeholders to work together on efforts to put Choosing Wisely into practice in Connecticut
  • Support the culture change needed in the patient-provider relationship by promoting enhanced communication, partnership and mutual goal setting between patients and providers
  • Leverage the opportunities for Choosing Wisely to support multiple reform efforts underway in Connecticut to improve health quality, safety, outcomes, and lower healthcare costs
  • Facilitate the inclusion of Connecticut based Choosing Wisely initiatives in, and make contribution to, a national learning community of Choosing Wisely best practices

Guiding Principles

  • Patients and providers need and deserve information, tools and support that enable them to mutually choose care that is supported by evidence, most appropriate, free from harm and truly necessary
  • Improving provider-patient communication at the point of care is fundamental to improving patient safety, reducing unnecessary & costly medical care, and achieving health equity for all consumers
  • Cultural and linguistic competence and mutual respect are critical to the patient and provider relationship.
  • Addressing tests & procedures whose necessity should be questioned and discussed requires cultural change at the patient and provider level; and delivery system, practice and payment reforms

Roles of the Collaborative

  • Raise awareness in Connecticut about Choosing Wisely among patients and consumer groups, employers and payers, providers and health systems, government officials and policy makers
  • Be a catalyst to accelerate the adoption of Choosing Wisely by sponsoring programs and facilitating and advocating for public and private initiatives that address patient-provider communication about most effective use of tests and procedures and recommended guidelines for appropriate treatment
  • Create avenues for local programs to access both national and Connecticut-based Choosing Wisely resources
  • Facilitate continuous learning and improvement in the implementation of Choosing Wisely in Connecticut


Thanks for your interest in CCWC . We’re happy to answer your questions about collaborations, campaigns and other ways of getting involved.

Please contact us here.

Learn and share

National Choosing Wisely Initiative 

Choosing Wisely® is an initiative of the ABIM Foundation to help providers and patients engage in conversations to reduce overuse of tests and procedures, and support patients in their efforts to make smart and effective care choices.


Choosing Wisely society lists: For each society participating in Choosing Wisely, here are its consumer brochures created with Consumer Reports and a link to its full list of “Things Physicians and Patients Should Question.”


Materials for you to share

Here are more than 100 brochures, many of them offered in plain English and Spanish, to help support discussions between physicians and patients. They are primarily from the Choosing Wisely, High Value Care and Best Buy Drugs campaigns.

You can download these PDFs, print them, or distribute them electronically. All we ask is that you not alter their contents.

We would appreciate your feedback about these materials, how widely you’ve distributed them, and how well they enhance doctor-patient communication.

Fellowship Opportunity

The Connecticut Choosing Wisely Collaborative is recruiting for a CCWC Fellow for 2015 (January-June). The Collaborative is seeking candidates with clinical credentials who are pursuing an advanced degree in a public health related field.  As the announcement indicates, the ideal candidate mustdemonstrate a strong inter­est in applying her/his knowledge toward addressing societal challenges and have particular interest in one or more of the following:

  • The integration of Choosing Wisely® into practitioner offices, the workplace and community settings
  • The contribution that Choosing Wisely® can make in the achievement of health equity in access, affordability and quality of care
  • The opportunities to embed Choosing Wisely® into the education & training of health professionals.

A full description of the Fellowship opportunity can be found by clicking this link.

You can complete the online application by  clicking here.

En español

La mayoría de nuestros informes sobre fármacos, pruebas y tratamientos están disponibles en español. Hemos reunido a todos los informes en un solo sitio.



March 14, 2015: Connecticut Choosing Wisely Summit

The Summit will bring together Connecticut colleagues from diverse organizations and perspectives who are actively engaged in Choosing Wisely and those who are interested in learning about getting involved.

Connecticut initiatives

CT Urban Service Track: An internship on antibiotic use in primary care settings sponsored by   Foundation and other Connecticut Choosing Wisely Collaborative members

New Collaborative takes aim at avoidable medical tests: A consortium of Connecticut healthcare providers, governmental organizations, consumer groups, employers and philanthropic organizations formed a partnership last fall to implement a program designed to help physicians and patients engage in conversations about the overuse of tests and procedures.

VNA Community Healthcare: VNA Community Healthcare has been selected as the first home health care agency to partner with the Consumer Reports, American Board of Internal Medicine Foundation, Choosing Wisely Campaign. As a Choosing Wisely partner and as part of a collaboration of community medical and eldercare organizations, VNA Community Healthcare sends out communications and sponsors programs from Choosing Wisely that assist consumers in making better medical decisions.

5 Questions Campaign:  Five Things Physicians and Patients Should Question that provide specific, evidence-based recommendations physicians and patients should discuss to help make wise decisions about the most appropriate care based on their individual situation.

The CCWC is committed to working on the 5Qs Campaign to encourage and promote the opportunity for open dialogue between providers, patients, and other healthcare stakeholders to increase conversations about what care is needed to achieve optimal health.