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Whitney Thore Weight Loss: Before and After Diet and Exercise

Whitney Way Thore, known for her show “My Big Fat Fabulous Life,” has shared a remarkable achievement: she’s shed 100 pounds. Despite this, she openly admits to her Instagram fans, “I’m still very fat.” Here’s a look at her motivational story:

Whitney’s Health Journey

Facing Health Issues: 

Whitney battled health problems linked to her weight, including Type 2 diabetes. In 2016, she chose to have laparoscopic bariatric surgery. This surgery made her stomach smaller, changing how she eats.

Dedication and Change: 

Whitney’s journey to weight loss didn’t stop with surgery. She follows strict dietary guidelines, which led to a 150-pound weight drop. Her dedication to health shines through her change.

Being Real and Supporting Mental Health

Clearing Up Rumors: 

Whitney confirmed that her weight loss wasn’t from medical treatments. She started at 385 pounds on her show and lost 50 pounds by 2018. Sadly, after her mother Babs Thore illness and passing in December 2022, Whitney lost another 50 pounds.

Staying Genuine: 

Even with her transformation, Whitney stays true to herself. She points out that she’s been 285 pounds for almost a year. Whitney doesn’t fixate on her body and doesn’t want others to either.

Celebrating Life and Loved Ones

Honoring Her Dad: 

Whitney recently flaunted her Mardi Gras attire on Instagram. She teased her fans to guess the celebration for her dad Glenn’s 79th birthday. She commends her dad for his support, especially during the tough times without her mom, Babs.

Legacy of Strength

Encouraging Everyone: 

Whitney Way Thore’s path shows her grit, bravery, and boldness. Her genuineness inspires us to accept ourselves and focus on health. In essence, Whitney’s change is more than weight loss—it’s about embracing health, life, and self-truth.

Whitney’s Background and Love for Dance

Her Beginnings: 

Whitney hails from Greensboro, North Carolina, born to Glenn and Barbara Thore. She grew up surrounded by love but faced weight-related hurdles.

Dance and Theatre: 

Whitney’s love for dance started young. She went to the Governor’s School of North Carolina and majored in theatre at Appalachian State University. Post-college, she taught English in South Korea.

Internet Fame and ‘A Fat Girl Dancing’

Rise to Fame: 

In 2014, Whitney became an internet sensation with her video “A Fat Girl Dancing.” The viral video displayed her dance skills and promoted body positivity. She gained attention from ABC News, NBC’s Today Show, and The Huffington Post, spreading her message of inspiration.

Whitney’s Inspiring Journey:

In 2015, the TV channel TLC started airing “Whitney’s Inspiring Journey”. The series gives us a glimpse into Whitney’s world, her close bonds, and her love life. It highlights her role as a confident advocate for body positivity and her success as an entrepreneur.

Genuine Influence and Support:

Whitney shared her personal story in her 2016 book, “Living Brightly: Discovering Freedom and Confidence”. In it, she talks about embracing herself and finding body positivity.

Breaking Barriers:

Whitney is known for her honesty, which questions common beliefs. She celebrates her individuality and doesn’t follow traditional beauty ideals.

Enduring and Bold Influence:

Whitney Way Thore is more than a TV personality. Her determination encourages us to love our bodies as they are.

Shining Example of Realness:

Whitney’s life teaches us that being real is the most powerful thing we can be. Her dancing skills became popular online, but it’s her bravery that really draws people in.To sum up, Whitney Way Thore’s tale is one of bravery, self-respect, and living life boldly. She influences more than just the dance community, motivating everyone to rejoice in their own extraordinary lives.