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Action Bronson Weight Loss: Diet, Exercise, and Before and After

Action Bronson: From Rapper to Chef

Ariyan Arslani, professionally known as Action Bronson, wears many hats. He’s an American rapper, songwriter, chef, wrestler, and television presenter. Born on December 2, 1983, in Flushing, Queens, New York, Bronson has left a significant mark in both the music and culinary worlds.

Bronson’s musical journey began in 2008 when he released his debut mixtape titled Bon Appetit… Bitch!!!” in January 2011. His first album, Dr. Lecter,” followed shortly after, independently released in March 2011. Later, in August 2012, Bronson signed a major-label deal with Warner Bros. Records, eventually finding his home at the Atlantic Records-distributed label Vice Records.

His music is characterised by dense and imaginative lyrics, often infused with crude humour and culinary references. As a Queens native and former chef, Bronson has become a key figure in New York City’s rap scene, drawing comparisons to the legendary Ghostface Killah.

Beyond music, Bronson’s health and fitness journey have been remarkable. During the pandemic lockdown in March 2020, he decided to make a change. At his heaviest, he weighed 400 pounds, but through disciplined lifestyle adjustments, altered eating habits, and rigorous workouts, he shed over 125 pounds. Now weighing around 242 pounds, Bronson’s transformation serves as an inspiration to many. His determination and resilience demonstrate that significant changes are possible with a clear goal in mind.

Action Bronson

Besides his music career, Action Bronson has hosted two television shows. One is called The Untitled Action Bronson Show,” which is a talk and variety show. The other is his travel program, Fuck, That’s Delicious,” which airs on Viceland.

Before becoming a rapper, Action Bronson worked as a cook at his father’s Mediterranean restaurant in Forest Hills. He even had his own online cooking show called Action in the Kitchen.” However, after breaking his leg in the kitchen, he decided to focus solely on rapping.

In summary, Action Bronson is a talented individual with a passion for music, cooking, and television. His success in the music industry has not only made him famous but also allowed him to share his love for food and cooking with others. His dedication to his craft and his commitment to his passions serve as an inspiration to many.

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