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Ben Napier Weight Loss Journey: Photos, Fitness Tips & More

Ben Napier’s Inspiring Health Journey

Ben Napier, co-host of the HGTV show Home Town,” has embarked on a remarkable health and fitness journey. Let’s delve into the details:

  1. Background:
    • Ben, born and raised in Laurel, Mississippi, is a skilled craftsman and woodworker.
    • Alongside his wife Erin, he revitalises and restores old homes in their small Southern hometown.
  1. Health Transformation:
    • Since 2022, Ben has been committed to improving his health and fitness.
    • His journey began before a major shoulder surgery, prompting him to build a home gym and exercise regularly.
    • His goals were better sleep and lower blood pressure.
  2. Motivation:
    • Ben’s motivation stems from two key factors:
      • Family: He wants to be healthier for his wife Erin and their two daughters, Helen and Mae.
      • Family History: His father’s emergency bypass surgery at age 60 highlighted the importance of health.
  3. Weight Loss:
    • As of March 2023, Ben had already shed 65 pounds.
    • Later reports indicate a total weight loss of 95 pounds.
  4. Celebration:
    • Erin, proud of Ben’s progress, shares updates on social media.
    • She recently posted a video of Ben looking confident and healthy.
  5. Inspiration:
    • Ben’s transformation serves as an inspiration, showing that determination and clear goals lead to significant changes.
  6. About Ben Napier:
    • Born on September 24, 1983, in Collins, Mississippi, Ben is currently 38 years old.
    • He co-hosts HGTV’s Home Town” alongside Erin Napier.
    • The show, which premiered in 2016, focuses on revitalising and restoring homes in Laurel, Mississippi.

Ben Napier: A woodworker, author, and entrepreneur, Ben is passionate about preserving and renovating historic homes. His expertise in construction and woodworking, along with his custom renovations, often involve using local and reclaimed materials. Ben gained fame through the HGTV show Home Town,” which has inspired spinoffs like Home Town Takeover” and Home Town Kickstart.”

As the former president of Laurel’s Main Street America chapter, Ben is dedicated to reviving the historic downtown district. He also operates Scotsman Co., a woodshop where he crafts fine furnishings and wood products from reclaimed materials. Recently, Ben and his wife Erin expanded their business to include a factory producing cutting boards and countertops, contributing to the local economy.

When not renovating homes, Ben and Erin focus on family life with their two daughters, Helen and Mae. They also run Laurel Mercantile, a shop in downtown Laurel that specialises in heirloom wares and durable goods made in the United States.

In summary, Ben Napier’s multifaceted talents have transformed homes and revitalised his hometown, leaving a lasting impact on the community. His commitment to craftsmanship and preserving history is truly inspiring.

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