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Equipoise Steroid Reviews 2024: Side Effects, Before And After Results, Dosage, Cycles!

A Simple Guide to Equipoise (Boldenone)

Building a strong and muscular body doesn’t just depend on good genes. With a well-planned exercise routine, determination, and the right supplements, anyone can shape their dream body. A strong anabolic steroid like Equipoise (Boldenone) might be the key you need to boost your fitness journey. Boldenone is famous for its ability to increase muscle size, improve endurance, and even increase the user’s appetite, making it a great choice for those who struggle to gain weight.


Navigating through the vast amount of information needed for your journey with anabolic steroids can be overwhelming. That’s where this detailed guide on EQ Boldenone comes in handy. You will learn how to cycle EQ, the benefits it offers, and the possible side effects that may occur from its use. Keep reading to gain the necessary knowledge to use Boldenone and enjoy the benefits it provides.

What is Equipoise?

Equipoise, also known as Boldenone, is a popular anabolic-androgenic steroid. It is often chosen by those looking to gain high-quality mass and improve their overall performance levels. Initially used for veterinary purposes, the performance-enhancing qualities of boldenone were soon discovered, leading to its widespread use within the fitness community.

Equipoise is known as a long-lasting injectable steroid, with a half-life of 14 days. It is a derivative of Testosterone, distinguished by a unique double bond between the C1 and C2 positions.

Increased Appetite

One of the benefits that make Boldenone a popular choice among those looking to increase their body mass is its ability to stimulate the user’s appetite. Many users report a significant increase in their appetite when using Boldenone at specific doses, making it easier to consume the calories necessary for muscle growth and recovery.

Strength and Endurance

Like most steroids, Equipoise will provide a significant boost in strength, enabling the user to lift more weight for more repetitions. However, Equipoise takes this performance enhancement a step further by also significantly boosting endurance levels, allowing for more intense training sessions and even more muscle gains.

Benefits of Equipoise

Like many other steroids, Equipoise offers a range of impressive performance-enhancing benefits, from muscle growth to a significant improvement in your physical performance.

Steady Muscle Gain

One of the main benefits of Equipoise is its ability to promote a steady increase in lean muscle mass. Unlike many other mass-building steroids that lead to rapid increases in overall body mass, including fluid retention, Equipoise promotes a slower approach that is ideal for a longer cycle. This gradual increase will result in significant muscle mass, with minimal risk of excess fluid retention.

Is Equipoise Legal?

The legality of steroids will vary depending on your location, as many countries have different laws regarding these substances, so it is always recommended to check your local laws.

In many countries, Equipoise is still used for veterinary purposes, so it will be legal under certain conditions, but you cannot rely solely on this when using it for performance enhancement.

As for the history of Equipoise, it was initially developed by CIBA, a Swiss multinational pharmaceutical company, predominantly for veterinary use in horses, aiding them in recovering from injuries and improving their physical health.

How Much Boldenone to Use

When planning any steroid plan, it’s important to use the right dose. This helps balance the results and side effects.

Men: Beginners can get good results with a starting dose of 200-400mg per week. This gives a big boost in muscle size and overall strength. More experienced users may increase this dose to 600mg per week, but remember that a higher dose also increases the risk of side effects.

Women: Female users should use a maximum dose of 50mg per week. This balances the great performance benefits of Boldenone with a low risk of side effects.

Boldenone Plans

The right Boldenone plan can greatly improve your physical development. This mainly depends on your bodybuilding experience, personal preferences, and fitness goals.

Beginner Plan: For beginners, a moderate dose of 200-300mg per week is recommended. This dose promises visible muscle gain and strength improvements. The plan for beginners often lasts 12 weeks, because Boldenone works slowly.

Bulking Plan: For people on a bulking plan, Boldenone can give the best results when used at doses between 400-600mg per week. This higher dose aims to give big muscle gains, strength improvements, and increased appetite, all to support a heavy and intensive workout plan. A bulking plan with Boldenone usually lasts between 12-16 weeks.

Hollywood’s Secret to Muscular Bodies – Do Stars Use Boldenone?

Hollywood is known for its fit and muscular actors. But what’s their secret?

Many celebrities, like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Zac Efron, have admitted to using Performance Enhancing Drugs (PEDs) to shape their bodies for roles.

What is Boldenone?

Boldenone is a steroid that can help turn a normal muscle-building phase into an extremely effective one.

Effects on Men

Boldenone works slowly, so it’s good for long muscle-building cycles. You’ll start to see big changes around 4 to 6 weeks, with a harder and fuller body shape.

A 16-week plan gives enough time to really see the benefits of this steroid. Many users report clear improvements in strength and solid muscle growth.

Effects on Women

Boldenone isn’t commonly used by women, but experienced users can get great results.

Women respond more to the effects of Boldenone, so they use lower doses and shorter plans, but the results are just as good.

A 6-week plan can lead to big improvements in muscle and strength, while also keeping side effects low.

Combining Boldenone with Other Steroids

To get even better results, you can combine Boldenone with other steroids. The steroids you combine depend on your specific fitness goals.

Boldenone and Testosterone Enanthate Plan: The combination of Boldenone and Testosterone is highly favoured when the goal is to build a solid base of lean muscle. Typically, a plan length of 12 weeks with 500mg of Testosterone Cypionate and 400mg of Boldenone used weekly is recommended. The main benefits here include big lean muscle gains, strength improvements, and big performance enhancements.

Primobolan and Boldenone Plan: This combination is often preferred during a lean gain plan, because Primobolan helps preserve lean muscle. A typical dose involves 400mg of Boldenone and 600mg of Primobolan per week, used over a plan of 8 weeks. This combination helps maintain muscle mass during a low calorie phase, while also boosting overall muscle definition and vascularity.

Sustanon and Boldenone Plan: For bodybuilders aiming for big muscle growth, the combination of Sustanon and Boldenone is an effective bulking stack. Usually, a plan involves using 500mg of Sustanon and 400mg of Boldenone per week. Often, this 12-week plan results in noticeable muscle growth, increased strength, and improved endurance.

Are There Legal Alternatives to Equipoise Injections?

Despite many claims and lots of products saying they offer benefits like EQ Boldenone, the truth is that there are no legal alternatives that are better than real Equipoise injections. These injections have been used for many years in the bodybuilding community because they offer unique benefits.

One way these fake Equipoise makers try to get customers is by saying their products are “safe” but not listing any possible side effects. Most of these supplements aren’t even approved by the FDA, which you can see in the small print on their websites.

Like all steroids, Equipoise can have some side effects, but the list is pretty small if used correctly.

Some possible side effects include acne, mood changes, gyno, lower testosterone production, higher libido, and virilization symptoms in women (the development of male traits.)

However, these side effects can be easily avoided with proper planning.

The fact that many celebrities admit to using these substances, but still lead healthy, active lives, shows that if you follow expert advice, they don’t necessarily lead to bad health effects.

Mixing Deca and Equipoise

Deca Durabolin and Equipoise are often used together to help muscles grow faster and recover quicker. Usually, this is done for 12 to 16 weeks, with both Deca and Equipoise given at 400mg each week. This strong steroid pair helps muscles grow a lot, makes you stronger, and lets you recover faster after workouts.

To get the best results, Equipoise is often used with other steroids, which can help muscles grow even more.

Is Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) Important After Using Equipoise?

After you finish using Equipoise, it’s almost always necessary to do a PCT. This helps your body get back to its normal hormone levels. Because most steroids, including Equipoise, can lower natural testosterone production, PCT is very important.

The main goal of PCT is to get your body to start making testosterone again, keep the muscle you gained during the steroid cycle, and lessen any side effects. Now, let’s look at specific PCT methods for men and women.

For Men

For men, a good PCT after using Equipoise would include using drugs like Clomid or Nolvadex. Usually, this means taking 40mg of Nolvadex or 50mg of Clomid every day for the first two to three weeks after the cycle, then lowering the dose to 20mg of Nolvadex or 25mg of Clomid for the next two weeks.

The goal is to get your body to start making testosterone again and keep the muscle you gained during the steroid cycle.

For Women

For women who bodybuild, PCT after using Equipoise usually means taking some time off to let the body get back to normal hormone levels. Women don’t need as intense a PCT as men do because their normal testosterone levels are much lower.

What Results Can You Get From Equipoise?

Fenugreek might cause diarrhoea, nausea, digestive tract issues, dizziness and headaches.

As you can see, most of these ingredients can be found in a local grocery store, so their side effects are not life-threatening. But this also shows that these ingredients will have no impact on your physical performance.

The only ingredient in this alternative Equipoise product that could mimic the effects of testosterone is Tyrosine – an amino acid naturally found in the body.

However, a study in 2005 on the effectiveness of the amino acid supplement on a group of well-trained men showed that the use of tyrosine by healthy men does not improve endurance, muscle strength, or power.

These “Alternative Equipoise products,” on the other hand, have a mix of many different ingredients. Each one has its own list of possible side effects that you need to watch out for.

For example, let’s say they sell a product with Tyrosine, Ginseng, Chromium, and Fenugreek. These ingredients could all have a separate list of side effects, which we’ve researched and provided below:

Tyrosine might cause fatigue, joint pain, headache, heartburn, and nausea.

Ginseng might cause insomnia, headache, agitation, upset stomach, menstrual problems like unusual vaginal bleeding, breast pain, dizziness, and changes in blood pressure.

Chromium might cause low blood sugar, muscle wastage, inflammation, low iron levels, liver issues, and kidney failure.

This study clearly shows that this supplement DOES NOT improve performance, and any progress you do experience when using it is down to your training and nutrition.

Legal alternatives often come in the form of dietary supplements and are composed of natural ingredients. While these can certainly contribute to overall fitness, health, and minor gains, they aren’t capable of replicating the powerful effects of Equipoise or any other anabolic steroid. Therefore, while some legal options might help support your fitness journey, it’s important to be realistic about their capabilities and not to expect miraculous results equivalent to what genuine steroids can deliver.

The Best Brands of Equipoise: Real EQ Price Comparison

When it comes to using Equipoise in your cycle, it’s very important to make sure you’re getting your product from trustworthy brands; not just for how well it works, but most importantly for safety. Many brands make this steroid, and the cost can change a lot. Let’s look at four well-known Equipoise brands and compare their offerings in terms of dosage, prices, and benefits.

Bold-300 by Magnum Pharmaceuticals

Bold 300 is made by Magnum Pharmaceuticals. It’s a popular choice for people who like EQ Boldenone. It costs about $68 for a 10ml bottle. Each ml has 300mg of Boldenone. This product is praised for helping to grow lean muscle mass. It also helps to make more red blood cells, which can improve oxygen flow and stamina.

Real Reviews of Equipoise Before and After

People’s experiences with Equipoise can vary a lot. This depends on things like their level of experience, diet, exercise routine, and more. But looking at real reviews of Equipoise before and after can give an idea of what results might be expected.

Samantha, 28, decided to try Boldescot during a cutting phase. She took 50mg per week for 6 weeks. Her goal was to keep her muscle mass while losing body fat. She not only kept her muscle, but also gained about 2lbs of lean muscle. She was very happy with the results and would think about using it again in another cycle.

Danielle, 34, combined Boldebolin at 75mg per week with Oxandrolone for 6 weeks. She was surprised by the results. Her goal was to gain lean muscle and improve her athletic performance. At the end of her cycle, she had gained 5lbs of muscle. She also noticed a big increase in her strength and endurance. She felt better than ever and was very happy with the results of her cycle.

Mike, 25, wasn’t sure about using steroids at first. But after a 12-week cycle of Boldebolin at 400mg per week, he saw big improvements in his lean muscle mass. He also got stronger and gained 10lbs of muscle. This might not sound like a lot, but it made a big difference to how he looked and what he could do. It also made him feel more confident.

Jack, 32, already had a lot of muscle. He tried Bold 300 to help him get past a plateau. He did a 16-week cycle at 400mg per week, along with Testosterone Enanthate. He was amazed by the results. After 16 weeks, he had more muscle mass. He also had better muscle definition and vascularity.

Ray, 38, has tried many different steroids during his bodybuilding journey. He started a 14-week cycle of Bold-Max at 600mg per week when he was already competing at a high level. The results were better than he expected. He gained 20lbs of muscle mass and found that he recovered faster. This let him work out even harder.

By looking at the stories of both men and women, we can get a better idea of how these steroids help people at all levels, from beginners to professional bodybuilders.

Boldebolin – Alpha Pharma

Boldebolin, made by Alpha Pharma, is one of the top choices among bodybuilders and athletes. Each 10ml pack is dosed at 250mg/ml, costing around $63, making this product great value for money. It’s known for giving consistent muscle gains and enhancing endurance, making Boldebolin one of the most popular choices in the market.

Bold-Max – Maxtreme Pharma

Bold-Max by Maxtreme Pharma is a high-cost product. It costs about $80 for a 10ml bottle. Each ml has 300mg of Boldenone. This product is known for its strong effect on increasing muscle size and strength. It also increases appetite, which is helpful for people who want to gain weight.

Guidelines on Procuring Authentic Equipoise Safely

Obtaining genuine, top-notch Equipoise without the peril of financial loss can be a challenging endeavour, particularly in light of the widespread presence of fake products. A critical aspect to consider is procuring your steroids from accredited and trustworthy online vendors.

Step 1: Recognize the Genuine Risks When Procuring Equipoise Online

Procuring Equipoise online is often viewed as the only feasible solution. However, this option is not entirely devoid of risks.

Potential for Substandard Quality

Expired Equipoise: This risk involves your Equipoise being beyond its expiration date, thus making it dangerous for use.

Low-dose Equipoise: At times, the dosage of your Equipoise could be significantly lower than what’s indicated, leading to reduced effectiveness.

Fake Equipoise: The Equipoise you procure could merely be a counterfeit substance or a placebo, which is not advantageous.

Products from Underground Labs: Such products are typically crafted by individuals who acquire powder or injection compounds in small quantities and then produce tablets or fill vials in makeshift labs. These products are often identifiable by inferior packaging and labels, and they don’t come in factory-sealed blisters or vials.

Counterfeit Replicas of Renowned Brands: These are individuals who falsely label their products using well-known brand names. These fake products can be verified via unique codes on the brand’s official website. The downside is, by the time you realise your Equipoise is a fake, you’ve already purchased and paid for it. In such instances, it’s safer to discard it as you don’t want to risk injecting an unknown substance.

Ineffective “Legal Alternatives”: You could be procuring legal versions of Equipoise that claim to be identical, but in reality, the active ingredient varies. Manufacturers of such products try to leverage Equipoise’s reputation to market their imitation steroids, although they don’t match even a small fraction of the actual product’s effectiveness.

Step 2: Researching Equipoise Suppliers and Sellers

The next step entails learning how to choose a reliable supplier of Equipoise. Navigating through the plethora of online information can be overwhelming for beginners, especially when trying to find authentic, high-quality sources of a substance you intend to inject into your body.

Fear not; we are here to assist you in obtaining the best pharmaceutical-grade Equipoise, a product frequently trusted by in-demand Hollywood coaches, Olympic aspirants, and even aspiring bodybuilders at your local gym!

How to Procure Authentic Equipoise?

If you’ve concluded that Equipoise is the right fit for you, there are several ways to procure this genuine steroid.

You might think about obtaining a prescription from a healthcare professional. However, this path is usually not viable unless for medical reasons. We genuinely hope that you don’t have any conditions that require Equipoise as a therapeutic option.

You could also consider discussing it with trainers or other gym members. However, bear in mind that many are reluctant to openly share such information. Numerous distressing incidents reported online have made many individuals cautious about discussing this subject, especially with newer members they barely know.

Another tactic could involve travelling to a country where Equipoise is legally available over the counter. It’s simple to find such countries online. However, keep in mind that this method will also require budgeting for travel costs, so it’s not an option for most users.

Ordering raw materials from wholesalers in certain regions is another option, but be aware that this method carries significant risks. This strategy requires careful thought as it comes with potential legal and health hazards.

Viable delivery problems

Incomplete delivery: you may first-class gather a problem or none of your order.

Item harm: Equipoise is to be had in a glass vial, which means you can get hold of a damaged product, this will mean the substance honestly leaks out of the vial before it arrives.

Your energy over the seller is non-existent as speedy as you’ve made non-refundable bills via Western Union, MoneyGram, or Bitcoin.

Step 3: recognize a manner to identify a first rate Equipoise company

Whilst verifying the legitimacy of an Equipoise dealer, hold in thoughts the following elements:

Rate Channels

Amongst all of the elements, a supplier’s decided on charge approach can be a massive indicator in their sincerity. We recommend choosing businesses who permit bills through credit score cards. Providing you the possibility to request that your financial institution execute a chargeback if the vendor can’t deliver or replace a misplaced or broken cargo presents a similar layer of safety in opposition to subpar high-quality, non-shipping, or broken gadgets.

Provider Authenticity

Usually ensure that they’ll be a licensed distributor and that their Equipoise delivery consists of a verification code that can be confirmed on the reputable logo’s net website online.

Product Availability

Make sure that the Equipoise merchandise they sell it are in reality in their stock. Beware of deceitful companies who truly reproduce snapshots from respectable companies. To further validate, you could ask for a product unboxing video.

Shipping Time Frames

Some companies simplest have merchandise to be had as quickly as a patron orders, and that they source the product from regarded online shops after price is acquired. Therefore, shipping times can stretch to approximately 30 operating days.

Transport Modes

Your supplier needs to be capable of offering you a tracking range to preserve the song of your package deal’s movement and improvement.


Valid dealers try for consumer pleasure by way of resolving all problems favourably for the customer. Groups who provide delight assurances and depend on fee systems are much more likely to be straightforward.

Provider reviews

Take a look at our net internet page critiques thru inputting the internet page’s call into a searching engine (for example, “Monstersteroids evaluation”) to advantage perception into other clients’ reminiscences. But be careful, as the vendor wants to fabricate some evaluations. Consequently, take the ones reviews into attention, alongside different factors which consist of secure payment strategies.

Customer support and consultation offerings

Equipoise, much like excellent steroids, is a very specific product requiring in advance massive research and consultations with sports activities treatment specialists and strolling footwear. These days, a few vendors offer complimentary consultations to help with growing customised usage cycles based totally on variables like gender, age, goals, and earlier revel in. Direct touch with customer support for private advice via platforms like WhatsApp or assist tickets is likewise simply really really worth thinking about.

Tick list: 10 traits of a sincere Equipoise provider

  1. Trackable Deliveries
  2. Refund guarantees
  3. Reshipping Assurances
  4. Eight.  24/7 Accessibility
  5. Safe charge alternatives
  6. Bargain and Bonus gives
  7. Unfastened professional Consultations
  8. Four.  Customer service Availability
  9. Deliver of unusual products
  10. Non-public worldwide delivery 

Equipoise Steroid guide – summary

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This manual targets to provide you with priceless insights about shopping Equipoise effectively and correctly online. With the aid of following the ones guidelines, you could navigate the complex technique of buying Equipoise with everyday self assurance, making sure pinnacle-grade satisfactory for top of the road results. It’d be a clever flow to shop this Equipoise shopping for a manual. To put it really, your future self will be thankful.

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Equipoise Steroid FAQs

Q: What if I forestall injecting EQ?

A: in case you prevent the usage of EQ, your body will steadily move again to its everyday hormonal balance. It is crucial to put into impact a right PCT to beneficial aid in a smoother transition and preserve the profits made on the cycle.

Q: What is the incredible exercising plan at the equal time as on Equipoise injections? How often do I need to workout? How prolonged?

A: exercise plans ought to be tailor-made to man or woman goals and health stages. Generally, you have to train at the least 4-6 days consistent with the week, with each consultation lasting 60-ninety minutes. The focal point needs to be on a combination of compound and isolation sports activities targeting vital muscle groups.

Q: in which is the top notch vicinity to inject Equipoise?

A: The nice region to inject Equipoise is into deep muscle groups, together with the glutes, thigh, or deltoid muscle mass. Always rotate injection websites to reduce pain and functionality headaches.

Q: Can Equipoise be used on my own?

A: positive, Equipoise may be used on my own, however it’s miles typically more powerful at the identical time as stacked with one-of-a-kind compounds, which incorporates Testosterone, for a better synergistic effect.

Q: How long does it take for EQ to kick in?

A: The time taken for EQ’s results to emerge as massive may moreover furthermore variety, however clients generally document feeling its blessings amongst 4 to six weeks into the cycle.

Q: Does EQ cause hair loss?

A: Hair loss may also additionally get up in folks which might be predisposed to male sample baldness. However, EQ is taken into consideration to have a milder impact on hair loss as compared to distinct anabolic steroids.

Q: Does Equipoise make you hold water?

A: Water retention is a possible side effect of Equipoise, but it tends to be milder compared to distinct steroids. Make sure to use the right weight loss program and supplementation to reduce this hazard.

Q: Is EQ proper for cutting?

A: positiveEQ can be useful for decreasing cycles due to its capability to hold lean muscle tissues even as it promotes fat loss and improved vascularity.

Q: Does Equipoise boom starvation? What’s the wonderful food regimen on EQ?

A: Equipoise is a concept to increase hunger in some people. On the same time as on an EQ cycle, recognition on a balanced food plan comprising lean proteins, wholesome fats, and complicated carbohydrates, adjusting your calorie intake based on whether or not or now not or not you aim to bulk or lessen.