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Ultra Air Cooler Reviews – Is It Really Works, Cost & Customer Results!

Ultra Air Cooler Review: A Simple Guide to Staying Cool

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) says this summer in the US could be really hot, especially in the west and east. It might even be about 1.18°C hotter than last year. Are you ready for the hot winds coming this summer? If you’re looking for a way to stay cool and comfy, this easy look at the Ultra Air Cooler is just for you.

You might have been searching for the perfect air cooler and haven’t found it yet. But now, you can stop looking because the Ultra Air Cooler is here to bring you comfort. Old-fashioned air conditioners can be expensive to keep up, use a lot of energy, and you usually need a pro to install and run them. They’re also big and hard to move around. But here comes the Ultra Air Cooler, a new kind of cooler that’s all about making you comfortable. It’s the top choice for a small, powerful air cooler around the world.

The Ultra Air Cooler is ready to protect you from the big heatwaves coming. It doesn’t just make the air cooler; it also adds moisture, so it doesn’t dry out the air like regular air conditioners do. Having a place that’s cool and a bit damp is great for focusing and chilling out, which means you can get more done even when it’s really hot. The Ultra Air Cooler keeps the temperature nice and steady.

We’re going to look more at how the Ultra Air Cooler works, how to use it, what it costs, the good things about it, and what makes it special. Keep reading to learn all about what the Ultra Air Cooler can do. I’ve made sure to use simple words and ideas while keeping the main points the same. If you need anything else changed or have more questions, just let me know!

Simple Guide to the Ultra Compact Cooling Device 

The Ultra Compact Cooling Device is made by a leading company known for creative and eco-friendly products. This light cooler is designed to keep you cool and fresh. It’s strong, lasts long, and cools fast without using much power. It’s also easy to look after. Using the Ultra Compact Cooling Device is simple. The instructions are easy to follow, so you don’t need a pro to set it up or any complicated wires. You can move it around easily and use it anywhere, like in your kitchen or office.

The Miniature Air Chiller is quiet, so it won’t disturb your sleep. It saves energy and could reduce your cooling bills by up to 70% compared to old air conditioners. It cools down rooms quickly. It’s very light, only 2.2 pounds, so you can take it with you to the office, on camping trips, or when you travel. It uses water to cool the air. The Miniature Air Chiller is tough, made to last, and right now, it’s half-price, so it’s a great deal for staying cool without spending a lot.

Key Features of the Ultra Mobile Air Chiller 

The Ultra Mobile Air Chiller comes with a USB cable and doesn’t need a plug. Charge it once, and it will work for a long time. It’s easy to carry around because it’s light. It has a strong battery that you can charge with your computer or a power bank. It has a big 5000mAh battery for long use. This air chiller has 8 different colored lights that can make your room look nice, even when there’s no power. It has four speed settings, including a Turbo mode for extra cooling.

It also adds moisture to the air, which helps prevent dryness. The water tank is big, so it keeps cooling for a long time, and you can even add ice for more cold air. The Ultra Mobile Air Chiller is easy to use and take care of. Anyone can set it up and use it anywhere. I’ve kept the articles straightforward while keeping the important details. If you need more changes or have other requests, just let me know!

Ultra Compact Cooling Companion: Simple Benefits

Quick Cooling: The Ultra Compact Cooling Companion cools fast. Fill it up, turn it on, and in 30 seconds, your room feels cooler. It’s great at controlling temperature.

Saves Energy: This cooler doesn’t use much electricity, so your bills stay low. It works quietly, so you save money and peace.

Quiet: It has a special motor that works without noise, perfect for sleeping, working, or just relaxing.

Trustworthy: It’s a reliable cooler that works for everyone. When it’s fully charged, it can run for 8-12 hours, keeping you cool all night.

Eco-Friendly: Unlike big air conditioners, this cooler is good for the planet. It uses water to cool and saves up to 70% on electricity.

Easy to Use: Just fill, switch on, and set the fan speed. No need to install anything or have special skills.

Durable: Made with strong materials, it’s built to last.

Healthy: It adds moisture to the air, which is good for your skin, eyes, and breathing.

Affordable: With a 50% discount, it’s a cheap way to stay cool in the summer.

How It Works

The Ultra Compact Cooling Companion has a strong fan that moves air through ice to cool down quickly. It also makes the air moist, with three fan speeds for comfort. The high setting cools fast. It has a big water tank for longer cooling. Add water or ice for more chill. It’s got a handle, so you can take it anywhere.

This cooler is cheaper to run than regular air conditioners and doesn’t need a cord. You can charge it with USB from different power sources.

How to Use the Ultra Air Cooler:

The Ultra Air Cooler is easy to use and helps you stay cool. Here’s what to do:

  1. Open the box and take out the Ultra Air Cooler.
  2. Remove the water tank, fill it with water or ice, and put it back.
  3. Charge the air chiller.
  4. Turn it on by pressing the power button.
  5. Set the fan speed to what you like.
  6. Turn it off by pressing the power button again.
  7. Empty and clean the water tank and filter before storing.

Who Can Use the Ultra Air Cooler? 

Anyone can use the Ultra Air Cooler. It’s safe, doesn’t use chemicals, and cleans the air, which is good for everyone.

Pros and Cons of the Ultra Air Cooler 


  • Has a 5000mAh battery for long use.
  • Small and light to carry around.
  • Cools quickly.
  • Affordable price.
  • Comes with a warranty.
  • Works as a humidifier and air purifier.
  • No harmful chemicals.
  • Quiet.
  • Easy to use.
  • 8 LED colors for light.
  • Saves energy.
  • Adjustable speeds for cooling.


  • Not always available.
  • Only sold on the official website.
  • Discount might end soon.

Stay Cool in Summer 

Get ready for a hot summer with light clothes and the Ultra Air Cooler, known for its great cooling.

Ultra Air Cooler: Your Must-Have for Hot Days

Fast Cooling: The Ultra Air Cooler cools down rooms quickly, giving you a break from the heat right away. This is much faster than old air conditioners.

Quiet: It works quietly, so you can enjoy calm and quiet. Plus, it’s safe because it doesn’t have any bad chemicals.

Easy to Move: The Ultra Air Cooler is light and easy to carry, so you can cool down any place you go without any trouble.

Simple to Use: You don’t need to be tech-savvy to use the Ultra Air Cooler. It’s easy to start without complicated setup.

Long-Lasting Battery: It has a strong battery that lets it run for a long time after charging.

Saves Money: It’s priced well, so it’s easy for everyone to get one and save money instead of spending a lot.

Uses Less Energy: Don’t worry about big electric bills. The Ultra Air Cooler is energy-efficient and even works when the power’s out.

Get Yours in the USA/Canada: Buying the Ultra Air Cooler is easy. Just go to the official website to get a big 50% off.

Prices and Choices:

  • Small Homes (800-1200 Sq.ft): 1 cooler for $89.99
  • Medium Homes (1200-1500 Sq.ft): 2 coolers for $179.98
  • Large Homes (1500+ Sq.ft): 3 coolers for $199.98

Get ready for summer and stay cool with the Ultra Air Cooler.

What Customers Say:

  • “I wasn’t sure at first, but the Ultra Air Chiller is amazing and really worth it!” ~ Brenda S.
  • “Being able to take it anywhere is awesome. I’ve used it at work and it’s great. I’ll buy more.” ~ Jules G.
  • “A must-have for summer! Using the Ultra Air Chiller in my room helped me save on my bills.” ~ Barry R.
  • “It’s the best small cooler I’ve used, and it lasted all summer even when I used it a lot.” ~ Stephanie R.

Ultra Mobile Air Chiller: Easy Cooling Guide

How It Makes Things Cool: The Ultra Mobile Air Chiller uses special Insta-Frost Technology to quickly turn warm air into a cool, damp breeze.

What Affects Cooling: How well it cools depends on the outside heat, moisture, and how you set it. It uses water evaporation to make the air cooler.

Charging Up: You can charge this air chiller with a USB cable, making it easy to power up.

Knowing It’s Charging: A light blinks while it’s charging and stays on when it’s fully charged.

How Long It Works: After charging, it can cool for about 3.5 hours, or 8-12 hours if you keep it plugged in, but this can change with the weather.

Changing the Cartridge: To keep it working well, change the cooling cartridge every 1-3 months, depending on how much you use it.

What the Cartridge Is Made Of: The cartridge is made of a sponge-like stuff.

Light Colors: You can pick from Blue, Red, White, Teal, Purple, Yellow, Green, or have it cycle through all the colors.

Turning Off the Light: If you want to turn off the LED light, just go through all the color choices.

How Much Water It Holds: It can take up to 550ml of water.

Introducing the Ultra Air Cooler, a potent yet compact air cooler that draws in the room’s warm air and passes it through a moisture-rich filter, transforming any area into a haven of cool, purified air1. This device not only cools but also adds humidity and cleanses the air for an enhanced breathing experience. Just add water, connect to any regular power socket or USB port, and savor the chill! It’s designed to operate for up to 8 hours on a single fill, making the Arctic Air a personal climate creator that’s ideal for uninterrupted, peaceful sleep thanks to its ultra-quiet fan and ambient night light.

With a 3-speed fan control, you have the option to select from a robust gust, moderate breeze, or gentle draft. It’s an eco-friendly choice, free from chemicals, relying solely on water to purify the air you breathe. This air cooler is incredibly energy-efficient, offering significant savings on your electricity expenses. Its diminutive stature ensures it’s a breeze to transport. Perfectly suited for your home, workspace, vehicle, or even outdoor adventures and vacations, the Arctic Air Pure Chill 2.0 is your go-to gadget for staying cool and comfortable2.

Introducing the Ultra Air Cooler, a sleek, portable evaporative cooler that offers a groundbreaking alternative to traditional air conditioning. Touted for its innovative “Rapid-Cool” technology, this device promises to swiftly lower room temperatures while reducing energy costs.

Designed to resemble a miniature desktop fan, the Compact Chill Master incorporates a water tank to facilitate its cooling process. It draws in warm air, circulates it through a dampened filter to infuse moisture, and then expels a cooler, more comfortable breeze. The manufacturers assert that the “Rapid-Cool” feature amplifies the natural evaporative effect, delivering a more potent cooling experience.

Be aware that the Compact Chill Master has been subject to promotional campaigns utilizing misleading celebrity endorsements and stylized advertisements. These promotions wrongly use altered images of well-known figures like Elon Musk, falsely suggesting their investment and approval of the product1.

Unveiling the Illusion: The Ultra Air Cooler Misrepresentation Exposed 

The exaggerated promises and counterfeit endorsements are classic indicators of a swindle. These warning signs expose the misleading tactics concealing the truth that the Ultra Air Cooler does not deliver as promised:

  • Fabricated endorsements by public figures – Contrary to claims, Elon Musk has no association with this product. His statements and likeness are falsely used.
  • Imitation news-style advertisements – The advertisements are designed to look like authentic news articles but are completely contrived.
  • Baseless assertions – The so-called “Insta-Frost technology” lacks explanation or evidence of its purported extraordinary cooling effects.
  • Aggressive marketing strategies – Urgent selling techniques are employed to coerce purchases without proper consideration.
  • Inflexible return policy – The period for refunds is notably brief, with numerous customers reporting difficulties in reclaiming their funds.
  • Absence of credible corporate details – The official website fails to disclose any verifiable information about the company or its location.
  • Questionable testimonials – The customer reviews appear inauthentic and overly emphasize cost savings rather than the product’s cooling efficiency.

These warning signs unmistakably demonstrate that the Ultra Air Cooler engages in dubious promotional practices, making outlandish assertions to entrap unwary buyers.

Dissecting the Ultra Air Cooler’s Overstated 

Promises In simple terms, the Ultra Air Cooler’s assertions challenge fundamental scientific principles. Effective cooling involves the transfer of thermal energy, necessitating considerable power. To perform as claimed, the Ultra Air Cooler would need to circumvent established principles of thermodynamics. Experts are skeptical of its professed abilities for several reasons:

  • Insufficient strength – The device’s power output is too meager to have a substantial effect on ambient room temperatures.
  • Limited reach – Due to its diminutive dimensions, it can only cool the immediate vicinity.
  • Inadequate cooling – The method of evaporative cooling it employs falls short of achieving the lower temperatures provided by conventional air conditioners.
  • Overstated efficacy – The sensation of cooling is primarily produced by the fan, rather than an actual decrease in temperature.
  • Ineffective heat displacement – It lacks an essential mechanism found in air conditioners: a means to discharge heat externally. The accumulated heat surpasses its cooling capacity.
  • Lack of containment – Without proper insulation or sealed openings, any cool air generated is quickly lost to the surrounding environment.
  • Humidity concerns – While introducing moisture into the air may initially feel cooler, it ultimately contributes to increased humidity levels.

In conclusion, as per expert analysis and genuine consumer feedback, the Ultra Air Cooler falls short as a viable substitute for traditional air conditioning systems. Users frequently note that while it may offer slight relief in its immediate proximity, it fails to significantly lower the temperature of an entire room, nor can it “instantly cool” a space or drastically reduce air temperatures.

Exposing the Ultra Air Cooler’s Misleading Promises 

The Ultra Air Cooler’s advertising is riddled with overblown and untrue assertions about its ability to cool, which are part of a deceptive marketing ploy designed to dupe shoppers. Below are the primary tactics used in this misleading promotion:

  • Switcheroo tactics – Present outlandish claims and then retract them in the small print.
  • Ambiguous assertions – Employ nebulous, futuristic-sounding terms like “Insta-Frost mechanism.”
  • Deceptive demonstrations – Display the gadget in impractically small areas that it could not feasibly cool.
  • Concealed drawbacks – Omit to disclose that the device contributes to uncomfortable levels of humidity.
  • Faux sophistication – Portray basic evaporative cooling as if it’s a cutting-edge technology.
  • Inflated pricing – Demand a premium over other market-available evaporative coolers offering similar functionality.
  • Manufactured urgency – Suggest a false sense of scarcity to hasten purchases by hinting at a limited stock.

These dubious advertising strategies contribute to the facade that this elementary appliance is a revolutionary air conditioning solution. Capitalizing on consumers’ discomfort in the heat, the company lures them into spending over $200 on what is essentially an overpriced fan. The Ultra Air Cooler has also been scrutinized by Jordan Liles on his YouTube channel, where he provides an in-depth video analysis of the scheme. For a thorough breakdown of the deception, his video is highly recommended.

Unmasking the Facade: The Ultra Air Cooler Scheme Uncovered

Identifying the masterminds behind the Ultra Air Cooler scheme is challenging, as the entity operates under the guise of the misleading website This platform lacks any authentic contact information or corporate identity.

Indications that suggest its association with notorious fraudsters:

  • Shares a postal address in Ontario with other infamous fraudulent websites.
  • Employs similar deceptive strategies and promotional language as, infamous for counterfeit energy-saving gadgets.
  • The web domain is registered under a veil of privacy to obscure the proprietor’s identity.
  • Although the exact perpetrators are concealed, the operation evidently has ties to other disreputable ventures known for defrauding customers. This opaqueness is a strong deterrent against financial transactions with them.

Heed the Warning: Genuine Ultra Air Cooler Customer Testimonials 

Penetrating the facade of the promotional assertions, numerous genuine buyers of the Ultra Air Cooler have voiced their grievances online. Essential insights from user testimonials include:

  • The apparatus emits only a feeble airflow directly ahead, with no effect on the rest of the room.
  • The ambient room temperature remains unaffected, particularly in areas exceeding the size of a modest office.
  • Reports of the device malfunctioning within a brief timeframe, at times mere weeks.
  • Recurrent grievances regarding the struggle to secure refunds within the proclaimed 60-day period.
  • Observations that the gadget increases humidity levels uncomfortably without effecting cooling.
  • The operational noise level is high, rendering it unsuitable for use during sleep or activities requiring focus.
  • In essence, customer feedback corroborates expert opinions – the Ultra Air Cooler fails to serve as a legitimate air conditioning alternative. Reviewers indicate that any perceived cooling is minimal, rendering it an excessively priced fan.

The Superior Choice: Authentic Air Conditioning Solutions 

The Ultra Air Cooler’s inability to provide adequate cooling stems from its absence of essential air conditioning components. Authentic AC systems are equipped with:

  • Coolant Mechanism – The presence of compressors and chemical coolants is crucial for absorbing, transferring, and releasing heat.
  • Robust Power – True cooling effectiveness is measured in tons or BTUs, indicating a substantial cooling capacity.
  • Heat Disposal System – Effective ACs pump out heat, typically through external condenser units and ventilation systems.
  • Airtight Sealing – Insulation is key to maintaining a cool environment, separating it from warmer external areas.
  • Temperature Control – ACs use thermostats for precise and automatic adjustments to the cooling output.
  • Customized Sizing – The cooling capacity is customized to the dimensions of the space, ensuring maximum efficiency.

Though they are more intricate and costly, these genuine AC technologies are the sole means to truly regulate indoor temperatures and provide comfort from the heat. More economical alternatives include:

  • Window Units – These provide targeted cooling for individual rooms at reasonable costs.
  • Mobile ACs – Portable units that can be transferred between rooms, equipped with vents for external heat expulsion.
  • Intelligent Thermostats – Devices that enhance temperature control and reduce energy consumption.
  • Home Insulation Improvements – DIY efforts that minimize the loss of cool air and block heat from entering, boosting overall efficiency.

Insights into the Ultra Air Cooler Deception

What is the Ultra Air Cooler? 

It’s a compact, portable evaporative cooler inaccurately promoted as a groundbreaking substitute for air conditioners, using basic evaporative cooling but advertised as innovative “Insta-Frost” technology to inflate its performance.

How is the Ultra Air Cooler deception orchestrated? 

Its creators employ misleading marketing strategies to project unrealistic cooling promises to entice consumers. This involves counterfeit endorsements, deceptive ads resembling news articles, actors delivering scripted testimonials, and other unscrupulous methods to portray it as a miraculous apparatus.

Why is the Ultra Air Cooler ineffective as claimed? 

Lacking the necessary power, cooling potential, or mechanism to discharge heat akin to a genuine AC unit, its feeble evaporative cooling is insufficient to significantly alter temperatures. The laws of physics negate its ability to “instantly cool” spaces or match the cooling efficacy of an actual AC system.

Is there evidence of falsified reviews and claims? 

Indeed, fabricated celebrity endorsements and identical customer reviews suggest deceit. Technical experts have also invalidated the device’s advertised capabilities.

Who is responsible for the Ultra Air Cooler scheme? 

Concealed behind an anonymous website, indications point to the Ultra Air Cooler being the product of established fraudsters, sharing tactics with disreputable entities like ESaverWatt, and lacking transparency about ownership or a credible address.

What is the cost of the Ultra Air Cooler? 

Priced at $200 or more, it is exorbitantly expensive considering its deficiencies. Comparable evaporative coolers are available at a fraction of the cost, highlighting the inflated pricing strategy.

Are the advertisements depicting it cooling entire rooms misleading? 

Absolutely, such portrayals are highly unrealistic and do not reflect actual performance. Consistent user reports indicate only a marginal effect in the immediate vicinity of the unit.

What do genuine customer reviews reveal? 

The majority of authentic reviews confirm the Ultra Air Cooler’s ineffectiveness as advertised. Most users report minimal cooling, limited to the area directly adjacent to the device, with frequent malfunctions.

What are better alternatives to the Ultra Air Cooler? 

Despite a higher initial cost, legitimate portable or window AC units capable of genuinely cooling spaces and expelling heat are the only valid choices. Alternatively, basic fans and evaporative coolers that do not make exaggerated claims are advisable.

Is the Ultra Air Cooler fraudulent? 

Overwhelming evidence indicates that the Ultra Air Cooler engages in deceitful marketing, overstates its capabilities, conceals company information, and prioritizes rapid sales over product quality, defrauding customers. It is advisable to steer clear of this product.

The Essential Verdict: 

Resist the Lure of the Ultra Air Cooler In the midst of oppressive heat, the allure of the Ultra Air Cooler’s grandiose promises and astounding ads can be seductive. Yet, the preponderance of proof indicates that this so-called “innovative” gadget is incapable of performing as promised.

Every indicator suggests that the Ultra Air Cooler is a flagrant fraud, crafted to capitalize on your yearning for chilled air and exploit the desire for an AC substitute. Concealed within the persuasive marketing spiel is a deliberately misleading campaign, brimming with overblown assertions, fabricated endorsements, and deceptive portrayals.

Validated by professional assessments and authentic consumer critiques, it’s evident that the Ultra Air Cooler is deficient in the necessary power, cooling prowess, and thermal exchange capabilities to significantly alter room temperatures. At its best, it might offer a modest draft of cool air when situated directly ahead. However, as a bona fide portable air conditioning unit, it is thoroughly inadequate.

Avoid being duped into squandering a fortune on this excessively promoted contraption. For genuine relief during the hot season, opt for verified AC solutions from reputable firms that provide transparent information about their products’ potential. Both your finances and your comfort will be grateful.

In essence: exercise discernment, conduct thorough research, and remain skeptical of the implausible regarding the Ultra Air Cooler. This apparatus is set to let you down and pilfer your well-earned money. Opt for the wise alternative and bypass this charade.

Don’t let the summer heat bother you. The Ultra Pro Air Chiller is great for anyone who wants something easy to use, can be moved around, and doesn’t cost too much. It’s small, so it fits anywhere, and it starts cooling fast. It’s quiet, so it’s good for the office, relaxing, studying, or even outside. The Ultra Mobile Air Chiller also doesn’t use a lot of electricity, so it won’t make your bills go up. It works with power banks, computers, or car chargers, and has a big 5000mAh battery that charges quickly. For a comfortable, cool place this summer, the Ultra Mobile Air Chiller is a smart choice. Get one now and keep cool all through the hot months.