The Sharp Health Plan Campaign

Sharp Health Plan Helps You Make Better Health Care Choices

The mission of Sharp Health Plan, the largest locally based commercial health plan in San Diego and a subsidiary of Sharp HealthCare, is to provide the best coverage, best care and best service at the best value.

At Sharp Health Plan, we believe informed patients make smarter choices that make their life better. That’s why we’re collaborating with Consumer Reports to bring you the Consumer Health Choices website, a resource to help you partner with your health care provider to make safer, smarter choices and to reduce your costs for lab tests, procedures and medications.

Make Informed Health Choices

Use the materials you find here to learn which tests, treatments and medications are right for you based on your age, gender and health history. Then take that information to your provider and discuss which choices are best for you.


Lab Tests

Medical Procedures

X-Ray & Imaging

Prescription Drugs

Healthy Videos

Watch the informative videos below to help you make better health care choices for you and your family in these three important areas.

Colon Cancer

Colon cancer is the second most common cancer killer, but screening tests can detect the disease early and save lives. Colon cancer screening can find precancerous polyps so they can be removed before cancer develops.


Video: This is Personal (30 seconds)


High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is called the silent killer – don’t be a victim! Learn how you can reduce your risk of heart disease and stroke by controlling your high blood pressure.


Video: Treating High Blood Pressure (3 minutes)


Video: High Blood Pressure Basics (90 seconds)


Immunization – Children

Immunization protects your baby from 14 serious childhood diseases he or she could get before the age of 2.


Video:  The Immunization Baby Book (4 minutes)