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Patients and Families:
Our free reports and videos, for smarter health choices

From Choosing Wisely, Best Buy Drugs and our other projects, here are hundreds of guides to getting better, safer, more cost-effective care. They address real-life questions, such as whether you really need a chest X-ray before surgery, need an MRI for back pain, or need a brand-name drug for a heart condition.

These reports, in PDF format, are free for you to read, download or print for your individual and family use. Most reports also are available in Spanish or plain English versions.

Materials for Patients and Families

testsTests and Treatments

Prepare yourself for discussions and decisions with these plain-language guides. We cover the most commonly used — and overused — tests, imaging methods, drugs and procedures.

From the High Value Care campaign

From the Choosing Wisely campaign

drugs2Drugs and Supplements

Most people spend far more on prescription drugs than they need to. Use our Best Buy Drugs reports and Money Saving Guides to find the safe, effective, inexpensive options for treating your disease or symptoms.

From Consumer Reports magazine

From our Best Buy Drugs series

From our Money Saving Guides


Does your doctor measure up? We have detailed ratings, based on medical performance, for four states, plus advice for everyone on how to forge a better relationship with your doctor.

From Consumer Reports magazine

State by state Ratings


Our Hospital Survival Guides give you simple steps — before, during and after your stay — for improving your safety and the success of your medical procedure. Share these PDFs with your friends, too.

From Consumer Reports magazine

From our Hospital Survival Guide


Price Reports

You might be surprised by the range of prices charged for elective procedures, depending on who’s paying and who’s providing the service. Take control over your own medical budget with these guides to fair prices.

From Consumer Reports magazine

From What's a Fair Price?


Informes en español

La mayoría de nuestros informes sobre fármacos, pruebas y tratamientos están disponibles en español. Hemos reunido a todos los informes en un solo sitio.

From High Value Care

From Choosing Wisely

From Best Buy Drugs

From Money Saving Guides

Consumer Health Choices videos

Our video collection reinforces the messages from all our campaigns. Here are a few examples below.

Or view our full range of Consumer Health Choices videos,  Best Buy Drugs videos and Spanish-language videos.


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Statin drugs


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