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Our growing Spanish collection

Thanks to our terrific collaborators at Health Research for Action at the University of California Berkeley, all the Choosing Wisely consumer brochures are being issued in Spanish as well.

We’ve recently added many new topics to that Spanish collection.

We’d love to see Spanish and English brochures stacked alongside each other in waiting room reading racks. Can you help that happen? These PDF files are perfect for two-sided printing.

Antibióticos para garganta irritada, tos o nariz tapada - Antibiotics for Respiratory Illness in Children (AAP)

Cuidados al fin de la vida para pacientes con cáncer avanzado - Cancer Treatments at the End of Life (ASCO)

Enfermedad renal crónica - Kidney Disease (ASN)

Medicamentos para aumentar los glóbulos blancos  en pacientes con cáncer que reciben quimioterapia - Drugs to Prevent Infection During Chemotherapy (ASCO)

Pruebas de imágenes del corazón antes de una cirugía - Heart Tests Before Surgery (ASNC)

Pruebas de imágenes para el cáncer de próstata en su etapa temprana - Imaging Tests for Early Prostate Cancer (ASCO)

Pruebas de imágenes para la enfermedad cardíaca - Imaging Tests for Heart Disease (ACC)

Pruebas de marcadores tumorales y de imágenes para el cáncer de seno - Imaging and Blood Tests in Early Breast Cancer (ASCO)

Pruebas después de procedimientos cardíacos - Stress Tests After Procedures (ASNC)

Pruebas para alergias- Allergy Tests (AAAAI)

Tratamiento para los problemas de erección - Testosterone for Erection Problems (AUA)


Note too that our Best Buy Drugs brochures all come in Spanish versions.


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