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Do you really need that medical test or procedure? You might be surprised.  More care does not always mean better care. That’s why the Oregon Medical Association  is leading the Choosing Wisely® campaign in Oregon. We want to help physicians and patients have conversations in order to make wise choices about care.

According to the Institute of Medicine, up to one-third of U.S. health care spending pays for duplicative or unnecessary medical services (Smith, et al, 2012). The Choosing Wisely campaign was developed by the ABIM Foundation (American Board of Internal Medicine) to help providers, patients and other health care stakeholders think and talk about medical tests and procedures that are often used but may not be necessary.

To spark these conversations, leading medical specialty societies  have created lists of  “Things Physicians and Patients Should Question” — evidence-based recommendations that should be discussed to help make wise decisions about the most appropriate care based on a patient’s individual situation. More than 52 medical specialty societies have joined the campaign to date and participation continues to grow;  there are now over 135 tests and procedures identified that may be unnecessary or overutilized.

Consumer Reports has developed patient-centered materials  to help patients engage in these conversations and ask questions about what tests and procedures are right for them.

You will need Adobe Acrobat to read or download these resources. Download a free copy here.

Our goal is to promote informed conversations between the provider and patient and to encourage shared decision making. These 5 Questions may help guide the conversation for both the patient and the health care provider to ensure the right care is delivered at the right time:

1. Do I really need this test or procedure? Medical tests help you and your health care provider decide how to treat a problem. And medical procedures help to actually treat it.

2. What are the risks? Will there be side effects? What are the chances of getting results that aren’t accurate? Could that lead to more testing or another procedure?

3. Are there simpler, safer options? Sometimes all you need to do is make lifestyle changes, such as eating healthier foods or exercising more.

4. What happens if I don’t do anything? Ask if your condition might get worse – or better – if you don’t have the test or procedure right away.

5. How much does it cost? Ask if there are less-expensive tests, treatments or procedures, what your insurance may cover, and about generic drugs instead of brand-name drugs.

For Providers

Choosing Wisely® aims to promote conversations between health care providers and patients by helping patients choose care that is:

  • Supported by evidence
  • Not duplicative of other tests or procedures already received
  • Free from harm
  • Truly necessary

Provider Toolkit Available!

Is your clinic or practice interested in more actively engaging with the OMA’s Choosing Wisely campaign? The OMA can provide you a customized toolkit to integrate Choosing Wisely into your daily practice. Please contact us for a customized packet or download materials below:

  • The Choosing Wisely One-Pager  is a great summary of the national campaign.
  • This Memo describes the OMA’s campaign.
  • FAQs (coming soon)
  • Cost-reference sheet (coming soon)
  • Provider materials (coming soon)
  • Posters:
    •  “5 Questions to Ask Your Doctor Before You Get Any test, Treatment, or Procedure” poster

 Additional Provider Resources

  • Concerned about liability? Click here  to listen to Lois Snyder, JD talk about why defensive medicine does not protect physicians from malpractice suits. Produced by the American College of  Physicians.
  • image001Considering ordering an echo? Check out the free smart phone app available on Apple or Android.
  •  Want more resources on physician- patient communication? Check out this video by the National Physicians Alliance. The American College of Physicians has also created some great Choosing Wisely videos.
  •  Physician Communication Modules: Drexel University College of Medicine, in collaboration with nine medical specialty societies, developed a set of interactive instructional modules to provide strategies for physicians to build trust, address patient attitudes and beliefs, and communicate that more care is not always better care.

For Patients

Want to ask your health care provider about a test, diagnosis or treatment but don’t know where to start? The OMA Choosing Wisely campaign includes materials to help you talk to your health care provider, such as what questions to ask and what evidence he/she is using to best treat your individual condition. The video below features the popular Five questions to ask your doctor before any medical test or procedure. Here are some additional tips on communicating with your doctor .

The more you know, the more prepared you will be to ask your provider questions, understand recommendations, and weigh the pros and cons of treatment options – all of which add up to living healthier and spending less. The wallet card and pamphlets below may help you understand your options better.


Please click here to download this wallet card to have handy at your next doctor visit.


Patient materials about: Tests

Patient materials about: Procedures

Patient materials about: Imaging

Patient materials about: Drugs

Our Partners

The following Oregon organizations are working with the OMA to help health care providers, patients, and other health care stakeholders think and talk about overuse of health care. This list will continue to grow as new partnerships are established.

  • Oregon Academy of Family Physicians
  • Acumentra
  • Oregon Health Care Quality Corporation (Q Corp)
  • Office of Rural Health
  • Western University/ COMP-NW Osteopathic Medical School
  • Oregon Health and Science University Physician Assistant Program
  • We Can Do Better
  • Oregon Association of Hospitals and Health Systems

Partner Toolkit Available

The OMA encourages your organization or practice to begin using Choosing Wisely materials on a regular basis. These materials can help spark important Choosing Wisely conversations.

Order Choosing Wisely Materials for Your Practice!

The OMA can help you customize and use these resources in a way that makes sense for your specific needs. We are taking orders for our new physician pocket cards and may also be able to print other materials for your use.

Please fill out the order form if you are interested in FREE materials and FREE assistance integrating Choosing Wisely into your practice. You can return the form at [email protected].

Or Download and Print Materials below:

  • The Choosing Wisely One-Pager  is a great summary of the national campaign.
  • Posters:
    • “5 Questions to Ask Your Doctor Before You Get Any test, Treatment, or Procedure” poster



  • “Talk to Your Doctor About When You Need Tests for Heart Disease — and When You Don’t” poster 




  • Patient wallet-card 
  • All of Consumer Report’s videos  on Choosing Wisely
  • Ideas on how to integrate Choosing Wisely into your practice (coming soon)
  • Add the OMA Choosing Wisely web button to your website Choosing Wisely Web Badge (1)

About Us

The Oregon Medical Association’s mission is to serve and support physicians in their efforts to improve the health of Oregonians. The OMA was one of twenty-one organizations nationwide awarded a two-year grant from the ABIM Foundation to promote the Choosing Wisely campaign. The OMA is charged with increasing awareness of the Choosing Wisely campaign among its members, patients, and OMA partners.

Contact Us

Please let us know if you are interested in partnering with the OMA in the Choosing Wisely campaign or if you would like us to do a presentation at your organization.

Please contact us with any questions or comments at:

11740 SW 68th Parkway, Ste 100

Portland, OR 97223-9038

tel:      503.619.8000

fax:     503.619.0609

email: [email protected]


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