Health Professionals

Materials to share with your patients

Here are more than 100 brochures, many of them offered in plain English and Spanish, to help support discussions between you and your patients. They are primarily from the Choosing Wisely, High Value Care and Best Buy Drugs campaigns.

You can download these PDFs, print them, or distribute them electronically. All we ask is that you not alter their contents.

We would appreciate your feedback about these materials, how widely you’ve distributed them, and how well they enhance doctor-patient communication.

Patient information about medical tests

Patient information about imaging tests

Patient information about drugs

Patient information about procedures

Our Best Buy Drugs series

Our Money Saving Guides

High Value Care

Choosing Wisely

Best Buy Drugs

Money Saving Guides

Campaign promotions

These handouts and posters are intended to help your patients communicate more effectively with you about smart healthcare decisions.

Choosing Wisely society lists

For each society participating in Choosing Wisely, here are its consumer brochures created with Consumer Reports and a link to its full list of “Things Physicians and Patients Should Question”.