The Group Health Campaign


Just because a medical test or treatment is an option for you doesn’t mean it’s a good option. It’s important for you and your doctor to work together to choose care that is necessary and effective and that won’t cause harm.

Group Health is partnering with Consumer Reports and the ABIM Foundation to help you make smarter, safer choices about your care. National medical specialty organizations have carefully reviewed the benefits, risks and costs of many common tests and treatments and developed easy-to-understand resources for you and other patients. This material can help you better understand treatments you may be considering, and know what kinds of questions to ask before making a decision.

As you partner with your care team, these resources can support you getting the best care possible without having unnecessary and potentially harmful treatments that could cost you money you don’t need to spend.

Choosing Wisely materials cover tests, procedures, and medicines used for treating some of the most common health conditions.

High Value Care provides information to help you know when less might actually be more when considering treatment for certain health issues.

Money Saving Guides can help you find safe, effective, less-expensive options for medicines you or your family may be taking.

Here are a few samples:

Choosing Wisely

Consumer Reports is creating consumer resources based on many of the Choosing Wisely topics. The titles below connect to our growing catalog of brochures.

High Value Care

High Value Care is a series initiated by the American College of Physicians. These are consumer-friendly versions of reports first published in the Annals of Internal Medicine.

The files are available in English, Plain English and Spanish. Each PDF file may be read here, printed or downloaded to the user’s own device.

Money Saving Guides

These brief guides, part of the Consumer Reports Best Buy Drugs campaign, will help you navigate the world of drugs – to save money when you buy them, to talk to your doctor about your treatment options and choices, and to take drugs more safely and wisely.

The guides are offered in English and in Spanish. Each PDF file may be read here, printed or downloaded to the user’s own device.


Our video collection reinforces the messages from Choosing Wisely, High Value Care and Best Buy Drugs. You can watch them here, share them, or view the entire collection.


Consumer Health Choices campaigns

In each of the campaigns listed below, we have joined with like-minded collaborators to:

  • Collect new forms of health-care information.
  • Assess the value of services and treatments.
  • Distribute those findings to health consumers nationwide, from diverse backgrounds, of varying health status, education, income, literacy levels, insurance status, and employment status.
  • Measure the reach and impact of the content and messages in our campaigns.

This list is just the start. We are always looking for new opportunities,  new data, new assessments, and new paths for sharing our findings with consumers. We are open to your ideas and hope you’ll contact us.