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More health care is not always better health care. Some tests, procedures and drugs are ineffective and can actually do harm. For example, taking antibiotics for viral infections like colds and most sinus infections is ineffective since antibiotics have no effect on viruses. The wrong use of antibiotics can have serious side effects for the patient and is creating new antibiotic resistant bacteria.

Choosing Wisely is a national initiative to educate providers and patients on the appropriate use of health care services. Under the leadership of the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) Foundation, more than 60 physician and nursing organizations have each identified at least five tests, procedures or drugs in their area of expertise that have questionable value. Altogether, more than 250 tests, procedures and drugs have been identified as having low-value and should be ordered only after an informed discussion between the provider and the patient. All of these low-value tests, procedures and drugs have been selected by a health care provider organization based on current clinical evidence.

Choosing Wisely in West Virginia is a group of diverse organizations that is partnering with the national effort to promote high value health care in the state. It includes physicians, nurses, other health care providers, consumers, state agencies and payers.

Consumer Reports has partnered with the ABIM Foundation to produce over thirty summaries of the questionable tests, procedures and drugs. These summaries are valuable tools for medical providers to use with their patients on why a test, procedure or drug is inappropriate and the potentially adverse consequences. Summaries may be accessed by clicking on the tabs to the left. They may be printed and distributed for free. However, they may not be used for commercial purposes.

Consumers Reports has also developed five questions patients should ask their health care provider to ensure the right care is delivered at the right time.

  • Do I really need this test, procedure or drug?
  • What are the risks? Ask about side effects and the chances of getting inaccurate tests results.
  • Are there simpler, safer options? A lifestyle change may help.
  • What happens if I don’t do anything? Ask if your condition might get worse – or better – if you don’t have a test, procedure or drug.
  • How much does it cost? Ask if insurance will cover the treatment. Are there less-expensive tests, treatments or procedures? Ask about generic drugs instead of brand-name drugs.

Patients and health care providers working together and having meaningful discussions on the appropriate and wise use of health care can improve the quality of health care and contain cost. It’s in everyone’s best interest to begin this important process.

The Choosing Wisely in West Virginia is funded by generous grants from the Claude Worthington Benedum Foundation and the Sisters of St. Joseph Charitable Fund.

For information about this campaign, contact Terri Giles.


Choosing Wisely helps doctors and patients together avoid needless and even harmful procedures.

Each PDF file may be read here, printed or downloaded to the user’s own device.


Choosing Wisely helps doctors and patients together avoid needless and even harmful procedures.

Each PDF file may be read here, printed or downloaded to the user’s own device.


Choosing Wisely helps doctors and patients together avoid needless and even harmful procedures.

Each PDF file may be read here, printed or downloaded to the user’s own device.


Choosing Wisely helps doctors and patients together avoid needless and even harmful procedures.

Each PDF file may be read here, printed or downloaded to the user’s own device.

Choosing Wisely in Kanawha County

Thanks to a generous grant from The Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation, West Virginians for Affordable Health Care has begun a pilot project called Choosing Wisely in Kanawha County.

Medical, nursing and health care organizations are invited to become Partner Organizations in the initiative, and promote participation by their members. Organizations interested in joining this quality improvement initiative can become a Partner Organization by clicking here and completing the form.

Individual clinical practitioners are invited to become Participating Providers. Participating Providers will be asked to help evaluate the Choosing Wisely process.  Their input will aid in the further development of the Choosing Wisely in West Virginia initiative.

Participating Providers will:

  • Receive Choosing Wisely material to engage patients in a dialogue about using health care appropriately to improve quality and contain cost.
  • Be recognized as a Participating Provider in Choosing Wisely in Kanawha County’s printed materials, on the website, and, possibly, in the news media.
  • Complete a short online survey about their experience with the initiative.  This survey will be conducted three to six months after participation begins.

Our success depends on the participation of clinical providers in Kanawha County.  Please consider becoming a Participating Provider and helping to evaluate the effectiveness of this process. If you are interested in becoming a Participating Provider, please click here and complete the Participating Provider Agreement form.

Completed Partner Organization agreements and Participating Provider agreements can be return to Nancy Tolliver at [email protected] or 830 Walters Road, Charleston, West Virginia 25314.

You can learn more about the Choosing Wisely in Kanawha County initiative by clicking on this PowerPoint.

Partner Organizations

Partner Organizations are those organizations that have agreed to collaborate with the Choosing Wisely in Kanawha County through encouraging their members working in Kanawha County to become Participating Providers.  We thank these organizations for exhibiting leadership and becoming involved.

  • Cabin Creek Health Systems
  • Kanawha - Charleston Health Department
  • Kanawha Medical Society
  • Thomas Hospital System
  • West Virginia Nurses Association
  • West Virginia Partnership for Elder Living
  • West Virginia Primary Care Association
  • West Virginia State Medical Association

Participating Providers

Participating Providers are those individual physicians, advance practice registered nurses, or social workers who have agreed to implement Choosing Wisely in their practice and participate in an evaluation through an online survey.  We thank these individuals for their participation.

  • Aila Accad, RN, MSN
  • Traci Boyd Acklin, MD, Montgomery Pediatricians
  • Bonnie Bailey, MD, New Century Emergency Physicians of WV
  • Mary J. Bailey, MD, FamilyCare
  • Elizabeth Baldwin, APRN, PNP, BC
  • Sven Berg, MD, MPH, CPE, West Virginia Medical Institute
  • Anne Berry, MD, Family and Maternity Care
  • April R. Cartwright, LPN, Public Health Nurse
  • Amber Coll, RN, CLC
  • Sandra Cotton, DNP, APRN, ANP-BC
  • Christy A. Estep, DO, FamilyCare
  • Bethany Ferris, RN, BSN
  • Lissa Gonzalez, APRN, FNP-BC
  • Dawn L. Grigsby, APRN FNP-BC
  • Zeina N. Haidar, MD, FamilyCare
  • Yalanda Hylselan, RNC
  • Rachele N. Jeffries, Pa-C, FamilyCare
  • Mary B. Jenkins, MD, FamilyCare
  • Amanda S. Keeney-Carte, PA-C, FamilyCare
  • Linda Kessinger, MD, FamilyCare
  • Sarah D. Knight, APRN, FP-BC, FamilyCare
  • Lester Labus, MD
  • Qamar Maimoore, MD, FAAP, FamilyCare
  • Laure Marino, APRN, FNP, GNP
  • Jessica McColley, DO, Maternal Child Health
  • Susan Morgan, RN
  • Holly R. Murriner, PA-C, FamilyCare
  • Angelita Nixon, CNM
  • Jamie Peden, RN, IBCLC
  • Kelly Priddy, RNC-OB
  • Asni Samples, RN
  • Virginia Selanik, APRN, FNP, RN
  • Samantha Smith, RNC–OB
  • Amber Torman, MSN, RNC-OB
  • Lauren A. Trozzi, MSN, FNP-BC
  • Tracy A. Underwood, FNP-BC
  • Kimberly K. Yow, RN3

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Our video collection reinforces the messages from Choosing Wisely. You can watch them here, share them, or view the entire collection.


Quality Improvement Conference

West Virginians for Affordable Health Care organized “Choosing Wisely Quality Improvement,” a conference held in May 2015.

Patrick Conway

Experts from around the country discussed how physicians can best use the Choosing Wisely recommendations to help their patients.

Their presentations are attached below.

Keynote Address:

Patrick Conway, MD, MSc, CMS Chief Medical Officer

Featured Speakers:

Dominic J. Lorusso, Director, Health Partnerships, Consumer Reports

Jeff Borenstein, MD, MPH, FACP, VP, Clinical Content, Stanson Health.

Barbara Daiker, PhD, RN, Quality Improvement Manager, Minnesota Medical Association

Elisabeth Fowlie Mock, MD, MPH, FAAFP, Adult Hospitalist, Bangor, Maine

Jeffrey H. Coben, MD, director, West Virginia University ICRC

Jeremiah Samples, MLS, West Virginia Department of Health and Human Services

Alan Ducatman, MD, MSc, professor, West Virginia University School of Public Health

Jeremy T. Powers, MD, CAMC Physicians Group

Nancy J. Tolliver, RN, MSIR

Complete conference program

News media coverage