The Physician Ratings Campaign

With the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

To learn more about this campaign, and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation efforts, visit the Aligning Forces website.

About the campaign

Under a grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Consumer Reports published and distributed ratings of thousands of local health-care providers in three states.

The campaign helped to publicize the pioneering efforts by health improvement collaboratives  in Massachusetts, Minnesota and Wisconsin, who are measuring and reporting on the quality of local medical care.

The outcome has benefited consumers in those three states. In addition, the methods these local groups have developed are a model that can be adopted by communities across the country.

The broader RWJ effort, called Aligning Forces for Quality, seeks to lift the quality of health and health care by teaming up with those who get care, give care and pay for care.


The three regional groups whose quality data has been distributed through this effort are:

Massachusetts Health Quality Partners

Minnesota Community Measurement

Wisconsin Collaborative for Healthcare Quality


Each of the three regional  collaborators assembled ratings of healthcare providers, using different measures that they developed. Through a grant, “Health Practitioner Ratings and Consumer Choice,” Consumer Reports turned that data into ratings and prepared consumer-oriented reports  for distribution within Consumer Reports magazine and for specialized distribution within each state.

  • Massachusetts Health Quality Partners (MHQP)  concentrated on patient experience.
  • Minnesota Community Measurement (MNCM) focused on quality of care for diabetes and vascular disease.
  • Wisconsin Collaborative for Healthcare Quality (WCHQ) reported on preventive care.


These reports document the methods and outcomes of the three state efforts.


Word: RWJF Final Marketing Report


Word: MHQP Marketing Plan

Word: Massachusetts Readership Research Report

PDF: MHQP Report Summary


Word: Minnesota Marketing Plan

PDF: Minnesota Marketing Report

Word: Minnesota Readership Research Report

Word: Minnesota Web Traffic


Word: WCHQ Marketing Plan

PDF: WCHQ Marketing Update

Word: Wisconsin Readership Research Report