The Enrollment Assistance Campaign

Plain talk about health insurance terminology

Free Enrollment Assistance Tools

To assist consumers trying to use or shopping for health coverage, Consumer Reports has created these materials.

These handouts and worksheets explain key health insurance terms, and clarify how those terms apply to the insured person.

These PDF-format files are free, and can be viewed online, downloaded, or printed. If you’re interested in receiving bulk copies, please contact us.


Marketplace Insurance : The big picture (Also: in Spanish)

Benefits of Health Insurance : What a health plan provides (Also: in Spanish)

Employer Coverage and Tax Credits : Explains when workers with employer coverage might still be eligible for health premium tax credits (Also: in Spanish)

Includes employee eligibility worksheet

Health Plan Networks : What happens out of network (Also: in Spanish)

Includes a network costs worksheet

Drug Formularies : Drug coverage and costs (Also: in Spanish)

Includes a drug costs worksheet

Co-insurance is a Percent : How to calculate your share (Also: in Spanish)

Co-pays are Fixed Dollar Amounts : How to find your fees (Also: in Spanish)

Summary of Benefits and Coverage: A standard form that can help you compare plans

This work is supported by a grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.