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Keep up with our efforts to spread the word about health-care cost, quality and safety.

Here are recent reports about these campaigns, in the media and professional literature.


Boston Globe: Diagnostic Testing Carries its Own Risks

AARP: 7 Ways to Make the Most of Your Doctor Visit

Harvard Business ReviewHow to Stop the Overconsumption of Health Care

Men’s Journal: When to Say No to Your Doctor

Seattle Times: Report: Unneeded Tests Putting Patients at Risk

Los Angeles Times: When the Worst Medical Advice Comes From the Patient

Health Affairs: When Less is More

BioMed Central: Communicating information about “what not to do” to consumers

New York Times: We Are Giving Ourselves Cancer

The Atlantic: You’re Getting Too Much Healthcare

Forbes: Just Say No: 10 Common Medical Tests That May Do More Harm Than Good

The Today Show: When is it OK to Say No to Your Doctor?

BMJ: The Challenge of Doing Less

Employee Benefits News: What employees should reject when they’re expecting

Journal of Hospital MedicineFocusing on value: This time is different

MedCity News: Choosing Wisely aims to educate patients, lower healthcare costs

Center for American Progress: Reducing the Cost of Defensive Medicine

The Plain Dealer: Stay Away From These Pain Relievers

The Hospitalist: Behavioral Economics Can Accelerate Adoption of Choosing Wisely Campaign

AARP blog: Your Role in Choosing Wisely

Annals of Family Medicine: The Price of False Beliefs

Archives of Internal Medicine: Implementing High-Value, Cost-Conscious Diabetes Mellitus Care

Annals of Internal Medicine: The Overuse of Diagnostic Imaging and the Choosing Wisely Initiative

New York Times blog: Overtreatment is Taking a Harmful Toll

Institute of Medicine: Improving ROI in Health Care by Reducing Overuse & Misuse – Large Employers’ Perspectives

Boston Globe: Consumer Reports score Mass. physician practices

Healthcare Marketing Exchange: Consumer Reports New Ratings of Doctors: It’s All About Patient Experience

New York Times: Let’s (Not) Get Physicals

JAMA: Choosing Wisely:  Helping Physicians and Patients Make Smart Decisions About Their Care

Health Affairs Blog: Choosing Wisely: Doctors Want to Do the Right Things

Archives of Internal Medicine:Are the Top 5 Recommendations Enough to Improve Clinical Practice?

JAMA: Materials Educate Patients to Make Wise Choices on Tests and Procedures

Bucks blog, New York Times: Help in Deciding if Medical Tests Are Needed

The Blog, Huffington Post: Choosing Wisely: Physicians Step to the Front in Health Care Reform

CBS News: Five medical tests to think twice about

New York Times:  Doctor Panels Recommend Fewer Tests for Patients

New York Times (Editorial): Do You Need That Test? 

USA Today: Coalition of medical societies urges questioning treatments

CBS News: Unnecessary Medicine

ABC News: How to Talk Down Your Hospital Bill

National Journal: Consumers Get Unnecessary Heart Tests

Chain Drug Review: ‘Risky trade-offs’ in Rx use, Consumer Reports poll finds