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Best Buy Drugs fact sheets for farmworkers

Consumer Reports is pleased to announce a new partnership with The National Center for Farmworker Health (NCFH) to expand the distribution of Consumer Reports Best Buy Drugs information and materials to migrant workers and their families. NCFH has been working on a specialized content creation project aimed at helping Community and Migrant Health Center patients and their families make better prescription drug choices. NCFH is adapting current Best Buy Drug information into brief fact sheets in a plain-language format-specifically at a 5th-grade reading level-in both English and Spanish. They will be tested within focus groups from the target audience. Once completed, NCFH will distribute the fact sheets through a variety of channels, including events, their website, and their newsletters and print materials.

A total of 17 topics will be covered over the next two years, and the resources will remain available for distribution afterward.

This is one of two exciting initiatives with NCFH. The other, launched in April, engages the NCFH community in evaluating the resources for our Choosing Wisely campaign and developing plans for dissemination of relevant materials to migrant workers through community clinics. We are pleased to be working with NCFH, and are looking forward to reaching their audience with educational materials that include culturally sensitive components and deliver the most effective messages to encourage behavior change with the communities they serve.

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