The VNA Community Healthcare Campaign

Informed patients, making smarter health choices


It is the mission of VNA Community Healthcare, Inc. to promote and preserve the health, safety, dignity and independence of individuals and families by providing therapeutic and preventive health care services in their place of residence and in the community.

To further this mission, VNA Community Healthcare (CT) is proud to partner with the national Choosing Wisely campaign, developed by the ABIM Foundation. The campaign’s goal is to help physicians and patients talk about medical tests and procedures that are often used but may not be necessary, and may in some cases cause harm. The recommendations come from medical specialty societies, based on research.

Locally, VNACHC is a founding member of the Shoreline Health Neighborhood, a coalition of health, eldercare and community organizations that is designed to help local citizens stay independent and out of the hospital.

We believe that patients and physicians talking together can make wise choices about care and treatment.  On this site you will find easy-to-use resources that have been developed for the campaign by Consumer Reports.  Included are lists of tests and procedures that may be overused, questions to ask your physician, and brochures that explain appropriate care as recommended by medical specialty societies. You also can access a collection of useful videos, and Consumer Reports’ guide to your health insurance options.

For information on visiting nurse services and caregiver support along the Connecticut shoreline, visit You will need Adobe Acrobat to read or download these resources. Download a free copy here.

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Medical Tests





Antibiotics have saved millions of lives. But in the future they might not work, because all of us — patients and doctors — are using too many antibiotics. There is a lot of pressure to use them, from friends, family, and advertising. When we use an antibiotic, a few bacteria survive — they “resist” the antibiotic and take over and multiply. When this happens, antibiotics don’t work.

Farms, restaurants, and grocery stores play an important role too. Most of the antibiotics sold in the U.S. are used by the meat industry on animals that aren’t even sick. Consumers Union is working to stop the routine use of antibiotics on healthy livestock.

The materials here explain when you need antibiotics – and when you don’t.

Choosing Wisely campaign

Educational resources we created to help patients and doctors discuss appropriate antibiotic use.
Antibiotics: When You Need Them
Antibiotics poster (large)
Antibiotics poster (small)
Antibiotics for Ear Infection in Children
Antibiotics for Pink Eye
Antibiotics for Respiratory Illness in Children
Antibiotics for Urinary Tract Infections in Older People
Antibiotics for Your Skin
Oral Antibiotics for Ear Infections
Treating Sinusitis

Best Buy Drugs campaign

Helping you select safe, effective and affordable medicines.
• Five Questions to Ask About a New Drug